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What’s Your Story Behind The Music?

Incorporating storytelling articles with your music project is an effective Inbound Marketing technique used for drawing in customers. We customize the strategy for artists to attract readers who surf the Internet seeking facts, real events, real people, and non-fiction content of value. When readers listen to your related music that we carefully mix with the article, it intensifies their emotions through the vocals and production, which ideally compels a reader to download the song they are listening to. The strategy eliminates the appearance of a solicitor or salesperson who only wants people to purchase their music. Is it worth the time or trouble using storytelling? Well, unless you’re a high-profile individual with a million followers with the CD sells to match, you need to provide an audience with more than a typical “Download My New Release” sales pitch. There’s a very good reason why tons of marketers use Inbound Marketing. If you want to generate cold traffic and build up your online presence, then here’s an opportunity that you simply can’t pass up! And don’t just stop with one article. Practice this strategy for every new release! If you have the connections like we do with other major marketers, put your story on their platform as well. Eventually, fans will come to you as opposed to you going directly to them for a conversion! 

If you don't have the skills and/or connections to create your story on your own, for a nominal fee of $125 we will do the work for you as follow:

1. Using our “Content Marketing" strategy and 'Gospel Music Public Relations Platform' we will add your story as a feature. We provide at least 3 paragraphs of written content, a video if applicable, sales widget, music player, links and 1 month of social media marketing. 

2. Use the Submit Form below to enter your content. Not all songs are accepted so only submit the very best positive and/or inspirational project (no explicit music including songs with the N-Word). We only promote what we believe to be a high quality project, which includes high quality image for your cover. The work will be completed within 3 days unless told otherwise.   

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