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Sydnee Danielle Unveils the Inspirational Story Behind Her Debut Single 'Jesus'

An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Eunice Moseley

Sydnee Danielle, the rising star in the world of Contemporary Gospel music, recently opened up about the creation of her debut single, "Jesus," (Revival Music Co.) in a conversation with Dr. Eunice Moseley. The track, available on Apple Music, has captured hearts with its profound message of love and faith.

Sydnee Danielle

Sydnee shared the incredible origin of the song, explaining, "This song came from a dream. I woke up singing it in 2022. I ran to my roommate's keyboards, and the words started pouring out of me."

Produced by Terrance Howell and Jesse Wood, "Jesus" is a heartfelt love song that has left a lasting impression on Dr. Moseley. She described it as a beautiful love story and suggested it could become Sydnee's signature song as a singer-songwriter. The song delves into the concept that embracing Jesus for who He truly is transforms one's relationship with Him into a love story.

The music video for "Jesus" accompanies the single and showcases the support for this talented artist. It features a live performance of the song in an environment that emphasizes the musicians accompanying her.

Sydnee excitedly shared her father's reaction to the song, saying, "I played it for my father, and he said, 'Do something with this song!' So, I sang it at a revival, and people got excited... I am in awe."

Reflecting on her journey to record and release the song, Sydnee mentioned, "There were opportunities to do music with people, but the doors were shut. But this door swung wide open. It felt so easy."

When asked about the possibility of an album, Sydnee replied, "I am seeing what this does. My heart wants to sing forever. Music has an impact on people. That is the focus of this singer."

As the conversation turned to spirituality, Sydnee expressed, "Heaven is full of songs."

The debut single, "Jesus," is a deeply personal expression of Sydnee's relationship with Jesus. She described it as a journey throughout her life, where the Lord has been a constant source of support and stability. "My heart pours out; this is my testimony," she explained.

To experience Sydnee Danielle's music and her captivating music video for "Jesus," visit her on YouTube.

For those who want to add Sydnee Danielle's music to their Apple Music playlist, you can find her debut single here.

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