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Join Topel and Ware's Musical Journey and Embrace Their New Single "The Light in You"

Contemporary Christian Artists Share Inspirational Faith-Based Song on EP "Spirit Sings"

Topel and Ware, seasoned recording artists with a legacy dating back to their 1985 breakthrough hit "Children of America," are back in the limelight with their latest release, "The Light in You." This captivating Contemporary Christian song, featured on their 8-track Extended Play (EP) "Spirit Sings," made its debut on August 17, 2023, and has already gained significant traction.

Finding Light in Unity and Faith

Inspired by the timeless wisdom of the Bible, specifically Matthew 7:3-5, "The Light in You" takes listeners on a spiritual journey to confront the human tendency to judge others while neglecting our own flaws. In this emotionally resonant track, Topel and Ware echo Jesus's call to self-awareness and compassion, inviting us to see the "light" within ourselves and our fellow human beings.

An Anthem of Relatability and Transformation

With harmonious vocals and a melody tailor-made for easy listening, "The Light in You" transcends genres and speaks to the hearts of listeners from all walks of life. The song's relatable theme of overcoming judgment and projection strikes a chord with those who have experienced the weight of being unfairly judged. Its contemplative lyrics and soul-stirring melody create an atmosphere of introspection and hope, igniting a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Christian Radio Promoter Embrace "The Light in You"

The impact of "The Light in You" extends beyond its lyrical content, as the song quickly secured a promotion to receive heavy rotation. Devine Jamz Gospel Network, a Christian Music Promoter predicts the widespread airplay will be a testament to the song charting. Ray Oster, Devine Jamz's team leader believes the song has a universal appeal and it has the ability to touch the hearts of listeners seeking inspiration and positivity during a polarized time.

About Topel and Ware: A Journey Rekindled

With a history spanning several decades, Topel and Ware have experienced the highs and lows of the music industry. Their earlier successes, including chart-topping singles like "Children of America" and "Change of Heart," paved the way for their enduring friendship and shared passion for music. After navigating the demands of family and career, Topel and Ware have returned to their musical roots, bringing with them a renewed perspective focused on spiritual and reflective themes.

Join the Journey: Explore "Spirit Sings"

"Spirit Sings," the EP housing "The Light in You," is a testament to Topel and Ware's evolution as artists and individuals. Their journey through life's experiences, coupled with their commitment to delivering messages of unity, gratitude, and acceptance, is evident in each heartfelt composition. To engage with Topel and Ware's musical odyssey, visit their official website, stream their tracks on Spotify and Apple Music, and connect with them on Facebook.

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