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From Abuse to Charting Her Debut Single "Wanna Praise Ya": Watch ZANETA's Inspiring Interview

Welcome to the Devine Jamz Gospel Network Podcast! In this episode, we have the pleasure of getting to know the talented ZANETA and learning more about her journey as a musician, singer-songwriter, and composer. Join us as we explore her creative process, the inspiration behind her music, and the challenges she has faced along the way. We'll also delve into her debut single "Wanna Praise Ya" and the powerful message she hopes to convey through her music.

ZANETA is not only a gifted singer-songwriter, musician, and composer but also a dedicated music educator. Her passion for music is infectious, and we are thrilled to have her share her experiences and insights with us on this episode. Whether you're a musician, music lover, or simply curious about the creative process behind gospel music, you won't want to miss this insightful conversation with ZANETA.

So, sit back, relax, and tune in to this episode of Devine Jamz Gospel Network Podcast as we get to know ZANETA and gain a deeper appreciation for the power of music to inspire and uplift. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more inspiring interviews and gospel music content!

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