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Impact Your Christian Hot AC Radio With New Release Single 'Jesus Dance With Me' By Billboard Artist 'Fishburn'


Jesus Dance With Me’, composed and produced by Billboard Charting Artist 'Fishburn' is a song about Heaven. Ordinarily, Fishburn receives the encouragement to produce music by first receiving the melody in his head. Notwithstanding, a couple of months before this melody came to Fishburn, he had the title first. It appeared to blend perfectly over the song that was bouncing around in his spirit. Ironically, this all converged on Fishburn Dad's birthday on Sept. 7, 2021 who passed away in 2018.

The lyrics are inspired from listening to audio books of people’s accounts of what they saw when they had a near death experience. They discussed seeing Heaven. These people were from various parts of the world and spoke about colors they had not seen before in enormous fields. They described pain and suffering we have on earth was lifted. They felt pure joy inside! It was Fishburn method for dealing with stress for his dad’s demise and motivation to see him again in Heaven.


 ‘Jesus Dance With Me‘ has a melodic style that intently reflects Electronic Dance Music (EDM). However, this EDM song is in the family of Christian Hot AC and Christian Pop. It emphasize positive lyrics that focus on Christianity-based principles.  One can distinguish it from non-religious counterparts on the grounds the lyrics does not conflict with the Gospel of Jesus. Christians who like uplifting dance music can feel quite welcome listening to ‘Jesus Dance With Me’.

The song is engineered with an ambient sound and vibes of house music, techno, drum and bass, dubstep, and trance among most-notable sounds. Although electronic dance music is widely heard by DJ’s in nightclubs, raves, and festivals, Fishburn ideology is God driven and implied for associating with Jesus.

The lead vocals by Karen Inder is one of the few times where the final voice ended up being what Fishburn envisioned in his head. The flamenco guitar is one of the last elements he added, and it seemed to take the song to another level.


The song spiritual highlight can be summarized in the first verse: ‘For Christians, there will come a day when we wake in the kingdom of Heaven. All our agony we will leave behind on earth and laments comforted. Jesus will grasp our hand and we’ll stroll into shadings we’ve not seen previously. It will be like being born again! It will be a moment to dance with Jesus.’


The DJ’s Disciple, Scott Blackwell, Andy Hunter


Christian Hot AC, Christian Pop and inspirational radio formats are fitting for ‘Jesus Dance With Me’. Radio Programmers are more likely to reap the benefit from their audience appreciation by spinning ‘Jesus Dance With Me’. The song is versatile and can blend with various tempos. You’re sure to receive a positive reaction. Radio executives are encouraged to receive the download and bless your listening audience with a quality Christian EDM song.


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