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Step 2 Calvary By Roderick Neal Going For Radio Adds At Devine Jamz



It’s important to know that just before Roderick Neal released his new Single ‘Step 2 Calvary‘, he previously recorded the EP ’Cost of Living‘, which provided reasons for being a singer. He connected to super producer and founder of Divers MusicAdrian Davis and through God the project gave Mr. Neal the opportunity to rise again. He believed that the cost of living for Jesus was high, but His love paid for it all! Mr. Neal understood that if he could just follow the call that was placed on him and despite the trials, he would succeed. Indeed, Mr. Neal is a successful Singer-Songwriter and more!

For over 20 years Roderick Neal has been singing, songwriting, producing, and collaborating in the music industry. He has been blessed to perform internationally, spreading the message of faith, hope, and love in song. His vocals are purposefully in the service of the Lord. His heart for people shines through songs like his new single, “Step 2 Calvary.”  Mr. Neal hopes to continue to provide listeners with music that brings joy to your day, and a positive message branded on your heart. His agenda has always been to create an atmosphere of hope through music for all people.


Released: August 16, 2019 ‘Step 2 Calvary’ has all the elements and melody produced in a song by experienced professionals! We will most likely remember this song because of the amazing harmony, the notes that make the melody and the complex music production which made it what it is, spectacular! It has rhythm of a Chicago Steppin song that you can dance with your partner in such dance styles as the Chicago Bop, the Lindy Hop and Western Swing. Typically, this smooth and classy art form is primarily danced to old school, soul, jazz, and r&b music, but Neal crossed it over to the Christian and Gospel genre with all the God given lyrics to justify his inspirational move! It is the heartbeat of the song. The smooth, contemporary voice of Roderick Neal mixed with the harmonic sound of the flute in the background and a taste of steppin produced a contemporary style of urban gospel music we can all dance to with joy!


Some people nearly go a lifetime before they figure out what their place in the world is, what they are called to, and finally understanding their life itinerary. Neal was blessed to know what he was called to do at the age of 10. When Neal decided to fully embrace his calling as a singer, songwriter, and a creative director, he knew it was going to be an exceedingly difficult road. In fact, Neal would say he is still on that road. However, what we come to learn is that now Neal can finally see the horizon in the distance. He sees God’s vision for him and his destiny to come!


We like that ‘Step 2 Calvary’ is a song that is not constrained to one radio format. You certainly can play this tune on various Christian and Gospel radio stations. However, if you want to broaden your reach and impact many more listeners then you would want a song like ‘Step 2 Calvary’ because it can be played on Urban AC format, Jazz format, or Adult Contemporary format.  It’s simply a diverse song that either will make you get up and start stepping, listen while cruising in your ride, casually playing in the background of a dinner date, or listen in the background while house cleaning. The point is, it’s a song to play any time you want to hear an upbeat, jazzy, inspirational sound.


J Moss, Dietrich Hadden, Ben Tankard


Without reservation, ‘Step 2 Calvary’ by Roderick Neal is a song we will add to our uplifting music playlist. Neal created an inspirational cross over song that we can put on our steppin attire, dance with our partner and feel the presence of the Lord having an enjoyable time. The biblical message in this song reminds Christians that although we are in this world we are not of this world. In conclusion, ‘Step 2 Calvary’ helps to keep believers self-aware and connected to their spirituality outside of the four walls of the church!

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