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Peace Can Become More Than Just A Word According To Songwriter Peter Stewart

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What You Should Know

If there’s one thing to know about Peter Stewart’s new song, ‘Peace can become more than just a word,’ is that the peace we desire comes from within the self — the place where God resides.
Regardless of the specific religious practice, the desire for peace of mind is something many of us have. This new song from Peter Stewart poetically tells us how to have peace.

How ‘There’s Only Love’ Brings Inspiration

A beautiful family effort, the recording of the music video of ‘Peace can become more than just a word’ was handled by Stewart, his son, and his daughter — Katie Stewart, lead vocalist of the new song.
I’m inspired by this easy-going, family-time tune because I’ve been the one spending so much time searching for peace in external things. Too much of that, forcing a circle in a square hole, lowered my energy and passion for life. However, when I started affirmatively praying again, even meditating, I was humbly reintroduced to the God within. My own testimony is why ‘Peace can become more than just a word’ hits home.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights

The spiritual importance of the message in ‘Peace can be more than just a word’ is hidden in plain sight — the title. Peace can become more than just a word, or a thought, but it can become an action.
Such a poetic song, ‘Peace can become more than just a word’ encourages us to follow through, and to follow up with our neighbors. These lyrics standout as significant for spirit and peace:
“Now is the moment / It’s nothing really new / Love neighbor as yourself / My neighbor friend is you.”
During these uncertain times, people losing their jobs, lives, and families, Peter Stewart’s family song resurfaces just in time to inspire treating others as we would like to be treated. It is easy like when a rhyme becomes a poem, when our peaceful and loving thought becomes a get well soon card, we are adding peace to this world.
Originally released in early February 2010, this song inspired peace during the Great Depression’s aftermath; and 10 years later, it does the same for COVID-19.
In the reassuring words of Stewart himself:
“I hope this pandemic teaches us that peace is more important than borders, and bombs. I hope that we do not go back to the status quo and spend more than half our budget on war. I hope that after this pandemic is over, when we come out of our houses and live with each other, that the “new normal” is filled with more of God’s peace.”

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Final Word: Highly Recommended

This song has been performed several times around Peter Stewart’s home, however now it is time for it to go viral. With the original upload on YouTube achieving more than 1.4k views, Katie Stewart smiling in the snow, singing peacefully about peace, is destined to attain more views very soon.
With that, of course I am highly recommending you stream ‘Peace can become more than just a word.’ Subscribe to Peter Stewart’s YouTube channel as well, you will be able to add this incredible new song to your collection.

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