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Affectueux Response Behind The Song ‘The Beauty Of Heaven’

When asked 'what is the story behind the project The Beauty Of Heaven', Affectueux's response is this:

I do not create music as a response to something that happened, I create music because the Lord God works through me and when it is time for a song to come out, it comes out. I do not make a song because a specific event happened to me, I make music because it is time to make music. Being raised by a Christian mother and being a practicing Christian helped me understand that God works through his people, and it continues to help me understand how great God is, how much love he has, and why he is the greatest role model in existence.

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I believe the Lord God works through his people, and when the Lord God says it is time to accomplish something through someone who is willing to accept him, that is when it is accomplished. Just like the body needs food to grow and stay healthy, the mind and spirit need to be fed to stay strong and continue to develop. There are many things that help strengthen the mind and spirit, the most important is the Word of the Lord God. Quality music is another one of those things.

When my music is ready to be released from my spirit, the Lord is also nurturing my own mind through the creating of this music. Therefore, I create in order to let God sustain my spiritual growth, but also to allow myself to be a vessel through which he can reach other Christians who seek to build a relationship with him. At this time in my development as a Christian music artist, I find myself not using words in my songs, and I believe this is my way of letting the Lord’s sounds reach the mind without the interference of how we might interpret given words. Spiritual music is valuable to growing and strengthening the human mind, and I am excited and honored to create music for God.

I also make music in the context of my mother writing Christian children’s literature, with one book published so far and sequels planned. Hearing these stories read to me as a child, and reading them back to my mother, helped encourage me to create quality music that nurtures the Christian mind. The music I create will also work well with the current and future Christian children’s literature written by my mother -  Affectueux. 

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