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Vocalist And Violinist Traliece B. Live In Houston, TX. On KOER 101.5 FM Radio Show

Traliece B. Will Appear Live In Houston, TX On KOER 101.5 FM Radio Show March 28th @ 11 AM CST.

Prepare yourself for a live appearance March 28th @ 11 AM CST. with Featured Spotlight Artist Traliece B. at KOER 101.5 FM Radio Studio (‘D’ Suite Radio Show) in Houston, TX.

Traliece B. will be live in person as a guest on the ‘D’ Suite FM Radio Show with Media Influencer and Radio Host Cheryl L. Donovan to discuss her new project and story behind her new song ‘Forever Love‘.

Watch Online

Join us March 28th @ 11 AM CST. and click link to listen to the live broadcast online / Link to Facebook live TBA.

About The Artist

Originally from New Orleans, Traliece B. is a Dallas-based Christian vocalist and violinist. She’s also the founder and CEO of indie gospel record label Wild Jehu Music.

As an eclectic entertainer, she’s versed in multiple styles such as classical, jazz, and pop. Her skills have afforded her the opportunity to work with many local artists and sing in multiple choirs. She performed with Mesquite Symphony Orchestra where she had the privilege of appearing on a live album with Brave Combo, Symphonic Polka (2009), which received a Grammy nomination.

Most recently, Traliece B. released two new singles titled ‘Forever Love’ and ‘Nobody Knows’. The songs sound is spiritual, classical, and jazzy. Lyrics are lasting, and the melodies are contagious.

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