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Single Review - ‘Forever Love’ - Traliece B.

By Taylor Valery
Writer / Music Reviewer
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Meet Traliece B.

Originally from New Orleans, Traliece B. is a Dallas-based Christian vocalist and violinist. She’s also the founder and CEO of indie gospel record label Wild Jehu Music.

As an eclectic entertainer, she’s versed in multiple styles such as classical, jazz, and pop. Her skills have afforded her the opportunity to work with many local artists and sing in multiple choirs. She performed with Mesquite Symphony Orchestra where she had the privilege of appearing on a live album with Brave Combo, Symphonic Polka (2009), which received a Grammy nomination. 

Most recently in 2019, Traliece B. released two new singles called Forever Love and Nobody Knows’. The songs sound is spiritual, classical, and jazzy. Lyrics are lasting, and the melodies are contagious.

Life Lesson, Learned

Like many of us, Traliece B. also has experienced pain. Heartbreak can be devastating to the soul and spirit—but what makes ‘Forever Love’ so great, is the fact that it was created out of rejection. Don’t you know that praise is birthed out of rejection? On the final track of the James Fortune & FIYA live album “Live Through It,” Bishop John Francis spoke to this very fact. When you have a destiny, all weapons formed against you will not prosper, period.

Traliece B. created ‘Forever Love’ after an intimate relationship she believed would lead to marriage, yet it ended with her being rejected. We spoke to Traliece B. about the story behind ‘Forever Love,’ and here’s what she had to say:

“[‘Forever Love’] was inspired during my prayer time with my Abba Father. I was on the floor in my living room, weeping and upset after learning that a man I was in love with at the time did not love me back. I felt extreme hurt and rejection at the time, as well as embarrassment. I believed during our time of dating that this would be the man I would marry. I was heartbroken to say the least. When I stopped crying, I heard the Lord....”

It can be said that one can’t praise if they hadn’t gone through anything—it’s apparent that what Traliece B. has experience moved her in the direction of her destiny, a destiny of praising the Lord for loving her forever.

When Traliece B. stopped her cathartic cry, she heard a voice from the Father say:

“Before the earth and before there was time, I have always loved you. I am your Beloved. I am your Husband. I am yours and you are Mine."

This reconnection to the source was a pacifier in the moment, simultaneously giving her the lyrics for the beautiful ‘Forever Love.’

God’s Love Is Eternal

As a believer of the good news, I’m very excited about Traliece B.’s revelation. It reminds me of my own. She found that love from the heavens is infinite, unconditional, and forgiving. The rejection she felt from a failed relationship spun her in the direction of more love from her Abba Father.

The title ‘Forever Love’ was also inspired by Traliece B.’s father, who would sign greeting cards to her mother with, “from your forever love.”

The song reminds Traliece B., and me, of Isaiah 54:5. In this verse, we learn: “For your Maker is your husband—the Lord Almighty is his name—the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all earth.”

The Rebirth

We shed ourselves many times throughout life, being reborn with new notions and devotions. Experiences like heartbreak, success and satisfaction have ample effects on our minds.

In the case of Traliece B., it sparked a deeper interest in the love of God. It helped her tap into the knowing, giving her even more creative freedom, making way for the meditative ‘Forever Love.’ Here’s what she said about heartbreak’s aftermath:

“It was in this time of intimacy with the Lord that I realized—whether I was married or single—no one could ever love me like He can....”

This type of revelation is beautiful and must be shared, as it refocuses the vision like 2020, inspiring unshakable faith in the self, in the Lord.

Highly Recommended

It’s highly recommended you stream ‘Forever Love’ and ‘Nobody Knows’ today. Not only because it sounds beautiful, but its message is even more ethereal. It encourages perseverance after pain, and it reveals the truth of God—he is here, and he’s ready to give you the love you need to be set free.

A Lasting Lyric:

Your love sets me free
Your love sets me free
With You I can always be me
You’re my Forever Love
The Holy One from above
You’re my forever
You love me more in a moment
than many could in a lifetime
I never knew love until I found
Love was You

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