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UG Frank Goes Behind The Song 'Baba You Too Much'



Osarugue Egbon, better known as UG FRANK, is an undeniably gifted gospel artist, and fun fashionista from Benin City, Nigeria. Her single ‘Baba You Too Much’ gushes over the goodness of God. The song comes from her new 5-track set of world-class calming music, “Surrounded.” The album was released October 22, 2019, and is available to stream now.

UG FRANK, a master’s degree recipient, gave her life over to Christ in 2013, and has since served as worship leader at St. Josephs Chosen Church International, and Winners Chapel International Surrey. UG FRANK aims to transform the lives of God’s people through ministry, praise, & worship. With the release of “Surrounded,” she is more than happy to bless the souls of others. Moreover, God definitely works in mysterious ways. We are all gardeners in God’s garden, meant to manifest & maintain its glory. And in UG FRANK’s case, it was in an encounter with the Lord, that she received the call of duty- to create healing songs of, and for the spirit.

With that said, I’m going to tell you more about what makes this album so affective, and why a deep connection with God is even more.

30 Minutes of Tranquility

Though I like albums that carry a longer running time, there’s simply something special about “Surrounded.” The musical production on this album is versatile with blending genres such as gospel and jazz. Track one, the title track, oozes traditional gospel vibes with its repetitive, relieving lyrics. UG FRANK’s heartwarming vocals on this eight-minute song commands peace, acknowledging the powerful presence of God. It really encourages one to be still, and know that I Am.

Track two, ‘Shekinnah Glory,’ celebrates the holiness of God. The song sings “you are holy, holy, holy...” so passionately, and prayerfully. So, I sing along. ‘Shekinnah Glory,’ lyrically reminiscent of Micah Stampley’s ‘He Loves Me,’ and Mali Music’s ‘The Glory of the Lamb,’ truly affirms the goodness & purposefulness of God. Press play, and feel God’s covering increase. The upbeat melody is indicative of gratitude, and such gratitude carries over to the next track, ‘Lost in Your Love.’ This song is lush, and it says the Lord’s presence is so warm and wonderful. UG FRANK croons of God’s kindness, and greatness, being all over her.

Which brings me to my favorite on “Surrounded,” the final track ‘Baba You Too Much,’ a stunning song about being overcome with the blessings of God, like music by Christine Storm. This song is filled with inspirational lyrics like “Everything I do is blessed. Everywhere I go is blessed.” It’s so beautifully clear, that when we believe, and tell ourselves this on a regular basis, we can’t help but to experience elation.

What Would Jesus Do?

Much like UG FRANK, in good times and bad times, she praises the Lord and all His goodness. She knows, already, what God is capable of. She knows that her life has meaning, and despite any adversity, she must continue on living, like Christ. This new album “Surrounded” is perfectly titled, for God is surrounding me as I dance with joy and appreciation.

Highly Recommended....

We all have precious gifts that make this world a better place. Some teachers, some preachers, some doctors, some cleaners. We’re all witnesses to God’s mighty plan to save souls.

So, of course I’m highly recommending you listen to “Surrounded,” and specifically, ‘Baba You Too Much.’ Be inspired to run this race. Constantly seek the Lord, and watch his blessing reign down.

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