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Patrick Foreman New Release - I’m Calling On You

There’s just something about Praise & Worship that simply sets me in forward motion, after experiencing turbulence in life. “I’m Calling on You,” by Patrick Foreman & Family is an album that reminds you of the grace of God, encouraging deeper connection (Taylor Valery).


Foreman is a clever creator. How? Well, his moniker is all-inclusive. It’s recognizing that its not all about his experiences, but about everyone’s experiences in this world – it’s about Family. About kind community, and collective faith, rebuking any devil in our way. His name is a subtle reminder that all we need is each other to effect positive change in the world.


As a music writer, I’m always seeking new artists to cover. When I received Patrick Foreman & Family’s new album, “I’m Calling on You,” I was immediately impressed by the dedication to God heard in each track.
The album itself is eclectic, including vocals from various artists. When you listen, you’ll hear features from Eric Armstead, Tawan Gray, Richard Davis, David Scott, India Woolfolk, and more. This set has eight songs, excluding two bonus tracks; two are my favorite from the album. I’m going to tell you why ‘I’m Calling on You’ ft. Eric Armstead, and ‘He’s Able’ ft. David Scott are so effective.


Patrick Foreman & Family’s “I’m Calling on You” has that even energy praise, similar to James Fortune & FIYA’s “Live Through It,” and it has such pure worship, like Micah Stampley’s “Release Me – EP.”

I Need You, I Love You, and I’m Calling on You

What I love most about the title track’s bonus version is that it opens with a profound prayer by Eric Armstead, reminiscent of Grammy-winning music by Kirk Franklin. Song spends a minute on verse one, then seamlessly goes in to the B-section with soothing choral backing vocals, which furthered Foreman into a purposeful praise. Listening to this track gives me a heavenly vibe; so, I sit back and take a deep breath, thanking God for his grace and guidance.
I appreciate songs like ‘I’m Calling on You (Bonus Track)’ ft. Eric Armstead, because they never fail to get my attention completely on God. Song sends me to seek the presence of God, our heavenly home, that quieter consciousness. Having been diagnosed with Epilepsy, I tend to cling to music that helps calm my mind. I constantly seek peace, and that peace is in God.

Remember, He’s Able

Not contrarily, there’s another song on “I’m Calling On You” that sets me free: ‘He’s Able’ ft. David Scott. There’s just something about Scott’s vocal performance that screams gratefulness. He paces the song slowly, acknowledging God in all  his victory.
Song hits gracefully, like ‘In the Midst of it All’ by Yolanda Adams. And, it’s message of giving your battles over to God reminds me of ‘Encourage Yourself,’ by Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers, and ‘Struggle Not,’ by LeAndria Johnson. I love music that inspires me into action, attention, and appreciation. Music that manages to shift my mindset is a blessing straight from God.
Patrick Foreman & Family was successful in those sending positive vibes with new set “I’m Calling on You,” especially with the song ‘I’m Calling on You' and (Bonus Track) ‘He’s Able.’ The latter song could easily be a companion for Erica Campbell’s stirring new single ‘Praying and Believing,’ which also encourages purposeful prayer.


I’m Calling on You” is highly recommended! At this point, I should tell you the standout tracks ‘I’m Calling on You,’ and ‘He’s Able’ are great for gospel playlists. I’ve already added them to my SoulGood: INSPIRE playlist. What playlist are you adding them to?
I told y’all, there’s just something about Praise & Worship that simply sets me in forward motion. And, this new music from Patrick Foreman & Family hits the spot. I’m talking, when I’m feeling disconnected & discouraged, ‘He’s Able’ reminds me of God’s desire to see us happy (Taylor Valery).


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