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Behind The Song - Day By Day - Andrew Farstar

Day By Day By Andrew Farstar

Andrew Farstar Goes Behind The Song "Day By Day"

Christians all over the world will recognize this hymn. This is one of the most beloved hymns in the world. This hymn was written by Carolina Sandell, who was shaken by the drowning death of her father but through it all, keeping the faith in The Lord, the Giver of Peace and Mercy.

I can relate to this hymn so much as I also lost my father from a terrible illness quite several years ago. With my own life’s journey, the message of this hymn touches me profoundly. Telling me to trust God, who is kind beyond all measure; he will provide strength through our trials on earth.

By trusting in Him, we should not worry or fear. Pain and pleasure take their turn in our lives, but we won’t be separated from His love. We can also cast our cares to our Father in heaven, who will help His children to get through it all, as He has promised us in the Scripture. He will always be there to show us the way. Giving us peace and rest.

When I have heard this hymn many times, I often felt that this hymn could be interpreted in a modern Pop style. I have imagined the sound that would be wonderful for this hymn. So, I worked with some of the most talented musicians from all over the world to produce the sound of “Day By Day”, which you now can hear.

I especially love the haunting string orchestration in the background that gives nuances and elegance to this piece. The addition of synthesizer sound also adds the modern touch to this classic piece. I also deliberately just used the chorus from the first verse, as I feel this part carries the strongest message of the song and I just repeated it, as if it is the main chorus of a modern song.

I also love the lovely choir in the background emphasizing the message of the hymn. I hope listeners will like and enjoy my approach and interpretation of this classic piece.

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