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Transparent Terrance Go Behind The Music "Love Her Forever"

Transparent Terrance

Behind The Song "Love Her Forever"

Ever since Terrance Robinson (Transparent Terrance) was young, he was taught the word of God by his grandparents and mother. As an adult, he prayed that one day God would guide him to a woman who will love him for who he is. However, when Terrance mom passed away, he departed from the Lord and entered relationships that never seem to work. Either he was unhappy with the woman he was with or vice-versa his partner was unhappy with him. Terrance stated while he was living apart from God “he could never commit to a woman like he wanted”. Something was missing! Although Terrance was not walking by faith completely, the fact remains he still believed in God and understood the power of prayer. The problem was that Terrance found himself being attracted to women who did not believe in God like he did. They were on opposing sides spiritually.

Terrance Test Of Love

After much trial and error and living a failed carnal lifestyle, Terrance asked God to teach him how to love! Terrance knew he could not go wrong by allowing God to teach him the best way to love a woman. God reminded Terrance of Proverbs 18:22 "whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain the favor of the Lord." Terrance was encouraged to walk with Christ once again. At least that was his intentions. God prepared Terrance with the word and eventually led Terrance to his soulmate! She was the one because she loved the Lord and helped Terrance when he needed support with self-control.

On their first date they met each other at a park where they both was with their kids. Everything went smoothly and according to their expectation. However, on their second date Terrance was tempted with lust. He invited his soulmate to his house for dinner and a decent conversation. As it got late Terrance found himself being more attracted to his date. Terrance knew he should have stepped away or call it the night but he impulsively acted on his feelings and emotions. He lost control and made an advancement. Fortunately, the God in his date resisted Terrance actions. She helped Terrance realize what kind of woman he was getting involved with. That’s when he knew he had the right person in his life. A year later they were married and currently has a strong union. With God and his wife, Terrance is a better man today.

About The Artist Transparent Terrance

Terrance Robinson (Transparent Terrance) is from Alexandria, La. He resides in Maryland where he produces, perform, and write his own music. Terrance recently released the album “I Can't Hide My Heart”. It’s a collection of Gospel love songs and praise and worship songs. The music is targeted for married couples or people interested in marriage. Terrance combine singing and rapping in many of his projects which offer a mixture of vibes in every song.

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