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The Album Live Love Laugh By Clau Share Her Spiritual Transformation

Clau Goes Behind Live Love Laugh

Clau resides in Deerfield Beach, Florida, where she performs and write her own music. Her style is a mix of Rock, Funk, Gospel with a strong influence of Soul Music. Clau latest Album “Live Love Laugh” focuses on spiritual transformation regardless who you are or where you are coming from. The purpose of her tunes is bringing joy to life, fly free, love and smile. Listen to the voice that comes from God and to her music.

Clau look at music as a vehicle to get her voice to people. Music is her first language. Clau wrote her Album “Live Love Laugh” during a time of sadness, hopeless and disappointments. She was a rebel child but when she encountered Jesus, His great love changed her, healed her and washed her. Today, Clau lives peacefully, with safety, with freedom and she can say she is flying and singing like a bird in the sky. This project moves her heart because it’s Clau's first Gospel Album that reminds her of everything that the Lord Jesus has done for her.

"Amazing Love" 
From The Album Live Love Laugh

About The Artist Clau

Clau was born into a non-practicing Christian family but saw her faith increase when she experienced a deep depression. At that time, she was singing in a Classic Rock Band named “Arkustic” (Acoustic in the air). She was doing what she loved to do, but felt empty and even lost the will to live. Clau was spiritually, emotionally and mentally deprived. Clau started attending church to find the way to meet God and connect to people with the same faith. She asked God to help her find meaning for her life and to help her fulfill her dreams and to be happy.

In 2015, it all changed for Clau. She got baptized and she stopped singing worldly songs. Clau took it a step further and refused to go on the same stage of some secular bands. She decided to only worship God in all her ways. She said when she got saved, she was hungry to learn about God’s reign. Now Clau spend much of her time being a born-again Christian, listening, writing, and singing gospel songs.

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