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Christian Rapper DaeShawn Forrest Go Behind The Song "Automatic"

Christian Rapper DaeShawn Forrest

Living For God is A Life-Long Process

DaeShawn Forrest from Antioch, California is a young Christian Hip Hop Recording Artist who is constantly being taught living a life for God is truly a lifelong process. At the young age of 19, DaeShawn tries to maintain a lifestyle using biblical principles. Occasionally God had to remind DaeShawn to stay on course as a result of his poor decision making. Through the newly released album “State of Mind” DaeShawn recorded the song titled “Automatic” which reflects his journey and the life-long process ahead of him.

Living For God Mean Building A Relationship

It’s strange to think about how someone like DaeShawn who has been raised in the church, whose childhood has been filled with teachings of the gospel, and accepted Christ at the age of 12 found himself in a place where he doubted God. He never questioned his existence, but he did second guess, and even at one point didn’t believe in the path God kept tugging him to follow. Instead of listening to God to step out on faith and record Christian music DaeShawn found himself in a mindset where he didn’t believe God would use his music for His purpose. DaeShawn had doubt because his relationship with God was weak.

Living For God Mean Eliminating Doubt

Since DaeShawn had not built enough faith to eliminate his doubts, it was easy for the devil to convince him that God would never use him. DaeShawn had the notion that he was inexperienced and to young for God to use his music for His glory. Perhaps DaeShawn was thinking if he does not make it to the big stage it must mean that God has not chosen him to be a Christian Rapper. Be that as it may, DaeShawn realized that he would never know how God will use his music until he steps out on faith and do what is in his heart. DaeShawn had to build his faith and guard himself from the negative chatter in his mind.

Living For God is Casting Away Lust

DaeShwan struggled over the years with lust. From what he can remember it started when he was about 10 years old when he suddenly got this random thought to search up pornographic pictures on his old PSP. He would wait until everyone gets in the bed so he could quietly hop on the computer to watch porn videos and clear the search history so he wouldn’t get caught. It wasn’t until he was almost 13 that he had finally chosen to stop because of how it affected his thinking and the conviction of God telling him to do better. DaeShwan gave it up and didn’t look back. However, he found himself dealing with more lustful temptations as he went through high school and different relationships. He never went as far as to fornicate, but on a few occasions, he did cross the line and had to repent. DaeShawn says he has gotten better fighting temptations through prayer, fasting, and reading God’s word concerning his behavior. He does better when he draws closer to the Holy Spirit. He uses his past mistakes as a mental landmark where he will never return.

Living For God is Dealing With Anger

The hardest thing DaeShawn had to deal with is his anger. People that know him best can relate. Over the years DaeShawn done well with controlling his emotions and channeling his anger through exercises and working out. DaeShawn learned that his weakness is recognizing when he is holding anger inside. This type of anger is not the usual “I’m ticked off and ready to fight” kind of anger, but the anger that comes from being hurt because someone did him wrong. At his worst, DaeShwan had hatred towards a couple people, but it wasn’t until he was in a prayer line one revival day and the evangelist was prophesying and told him to let go of all his anger. After giving it some thought, DaeShawn realized that he had been holding on to that anger for a couple years, and it was time to move on. He prayed asking God to help him release the anger and felt a relief instantly. It’s very rare that situations occur that cause him to hold on to anger. Nonetheless, DaeShawn still pray to God for strength to handle things the right way whenever undesirable issues occur.

Living For God Eventually Become Easier

Living for God became easier when DaeShwan made it a habit not to stress too much on the things that are out of his control. He began to do what God had put on his heart and gave the rest of his concerns to Christ. The song “Automatic” is just one of his tracks that represents how good and relaxing it feels to cast his concerns at Christ’s feet. The more DaeShawn relied on God, the better he felt. This song has been extremely encouraging for DaeShwan. Today, DaeShawn is more confident to minster the Gospel through his music and continue to live out his life long process serving God.

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