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Zetta Boyd's Love For Children And Her Motivation Helped Birthed The Self - Released CD Titled “I’m Here”

I’m Here, a new self - released CD by Zetta Boyd was birthed from her love of singing to children and a determination not to give up on her dreams.

Zetta Boyd is a substitute teacher and she sings to the children all the time. During their outside time, three years ago, Zetta started singing this line (It’s a beautiful day for love) to the children she was pushing on the swings. The line stayed with her and she started writing lyrics around it. Over time, Zetta developed that lyric into the full song, Dance Closer With Love. She asked around for a musician to compose the music, periodically. Nothing panned out in that respect. So, she started taking guitar lessons. When she started taking guitar lessons, her goal was not to compose music on the guitar. Rather, Zetta just wanted to learn beautiful guitar chords to accompany herself when she sings.

Well, after about four months of guitar lessons, Zetta sat down and began to compose music to the lyrics Dance Closer With Love, which is the title of the lead track on her CD. She also wrote and composed the other two songs on the CD: My Father’s Peace, and I’m Here.

Essentially, this music project is an expression of Zetta’s relationship with God because of His loving-kindness and faithfulness toward her.

About The Artist Zetta Boyd

Zetta is a vocalist and composer. She’s a featured vocalist on the following albums: Integrity Music Urban Praise’s Faith in the House with Bishop Andrew Merritt and the Straight Gate Mass Choir (2000) and B.O.M.B.Z Musik Entertainment’s Breakin all Barriers (2015). Zetta’s four-song debut CD, I’m Here is self-released. She is also a published author of short stories and she is incredibly grateful to her editor, Ashley Cerku for her meaningful writing support.

Zetta’s music seeks to express an awareness of the complexities of her life's foundation to effectively illuminate these four things: the allure of peace itself, the captivation of peace with God, the peace she has with who she is, and an altogether understanding of the cost the ancestors paid. Ultimately, Zetta’s music asserts God’s mercy.

Project Credits

Credit is given to TheCiple who collaborated with Zetta on her music project. He created the beats for all the songs. He is also the Chief Engineer, as well as a featured artist on all the songs in relation to the background vocals and the harmonies.

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