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Revival Train Announces A Call To Action To Join Their "I speak" Campaign

Revival Train

Call To Action

Revival Train announce their "I speak" campaign! They are encouraging men and women of all nations to make a short video message speaking positive, inspirational, and/or declaring your personal affirmation. Let’s bring awareness to the entire world and go viral! Use the hashtag #iSpeakIn2 and #RevivalTrainMusic so that everyone can easily find your video message!

“I Speak” is a movement from the “Heart of the King” album

Heart of the King
I Speak is an important track on Revival Train’s album “Heart of the King”. It’s the subject of Revival Train’s campaign that encourage mankind to use the power of our tongue to speak life and not death in the atmosphere (Proverbs 18:21). God did not give people the spirit of fear but of power, of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). He has given us a "Heart of the King".

Heart of the King is also the title of an album by Revival Train which expresses how crazy in love they are with Jesus Christ. You are guaranteed to have supernatural experiences with the Lord as you listen and sing-along. It's indeed a blessing for this project to be a collection of songs that is spreading the good news of the Gospel more than one way. The album is packed with songs that uplift our spirits in the worship of the Father to remind us of who we are in Christ Jesus.

In fact, when you listen to songs like “I Speak” and “Fired Up” Revival Train will take your praise and worship experience to the next level. Their sound is rich and unique and is taking the Gospel Industry by storm. Revival Train has opened a dialogue on radio, video, web content including this call to action on Gospel Music Public Relations. The parent company Devine Jamz Gospel Network join with Revival Train and ask for every person to call those things that be not as though they were even if you do not feel positive at this very point and time of your life. God is not a person who can lie. When you speak positive according to His word, He will do what He said He would do. Now, get on-board with the amazing men and women of Revival Train. Take a ride into the harvest with those of us who has already joined the "I Speak" campaign and let’s revive our world with the goodness of the Lord.

About The Men And Women of Revival Train

Revival Train is a family of five from Nigeria, who began their musical journey over 30 years ago. Spearheaded by their mother, Veronica Alkali, the group consists of four siblings (Sunny, Ralph, Michael, and Susan). After receiving the prophecy of what was to come, this matriarch chose to walk in obedience with The Lord. The trials were great, but she knew her commitment and obedience to Jesus Christ would be so much greater and the Lord would be glorified through it all. As a result of her obedience, Revival Train has become the recipient of many awards over the years & accomplished many goals while their journey continues to unfold. The “Heart of the King" project is an example of their recent success. More than likely it will not be the last.

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