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KennyWrite Gives Thanks Through Her New Gospel Pop Song “Modupe ft. TeDee and Olan”

KennyWrite - Give Thanks

Behind The Song Modupe (I Give Thanks)

It was not too long ago when Songwriter and Music Composer Kennywrite woke up one early morning to ease herself briefly. She tried going back to sleep but she just couldn't. So, Kenny laid awoke in the darkness of her room and began to reminisce about how God has blessed her and been faithful to her. Particularly how He saved her life when she almost lost it.

Kenny Used Her Experience For Her Song

Eventually, Kenny got up and began to write down the many blessings she received! God turned her mourning into dancing once again! After 2 hours of transferring her joyful content on screen, Kenny had the song "Modupe I Give Thanks" completed! Kenny stated, “This is my own little way of appreciating my God for all his goodness and faithfulness to me”. God blesses KennyWrite so many times daily it’s impossible to keep count, she stated.

People God Used For Kenny’s Blessings

Kenny is grateful and gives credit to the following great friends and team members who collaborated with her to make her song a reality:

Paul Miles – Kenny’s Producer
Olan – Kenny’s Brother and Friend
TeDee - Kenny’s Session Singer
Waruna – Kenny’s Videographer

“God bless each soul who contributed to the project. You guys rock” – By KennyWrite

About KennyWrite

KennyWrite is a female Songwriter and Music Composer based in England UK. She considers herself to be a contemporary songwriter. Kenny can write emotional, inspirational, fun songs very meaningful lyrics with interesting rhymes, compose great sounding and catchy sing along melodies, merged with solid music production and arrangement skills.

KennyWrite is also capable of writing in different genres but specialize in Pop, Gospel and Instrumentals. A quick look at the list of recorded songs and other details can be viewed on KennyWrite webpage.

The video is a typical day of Kenny in her recording session. “Always great to step out of the daily 9 to 5 hustle to do what she enjoys the most. And that is Music Production while in God's presence!” - By KennyWrite

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