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You Will Win By Shybru - An Anthem For Those On The Verge Of Giving Up

You Will Win By Shybru

Have you ever been alone in a dark place and wondered if even God loved you?

Singer-Songwriter Shybru has! She explains how her personal experiences played an intricate part of the creation of her newly released song “You Will Win”. After leaving home and moving away from her family, through a series of circumstances, Shybru found herself having to endure a terrible period of loneliness and depression. She wasn't sure where God was or what His plan was for her but she did know that only He could pull her through it. No matter how heavy the depression got, by His grace, Shybru continued to spend time daily with Him in His Word and in prayer. As the old saying goes, 'God is seldom early, but never late'. He's always right on time! And so He was for Shybru! The Lord pulled her through those dark and lonely days and made her a stronger person in the process. Shybru is forever grateful and records music to express her walk with God.

About The Song You Will Win

You Will Win” is a song of encouragement for anyone that’s ever had to travel a dark and lonely road. It’s an anthem and will prayerfully offer hope to those who may be on the verge of giving up. Never forget that God will never leave you nor forsake you. He's truly all you need and if you trust in Him and surrender your life to Him, “You Will Win” – by Shybru

About The Artist

Shybru is a Singer-Songwriter, Musician, and Christian who loves Jesus with all her heart. Shybru is very grateful for the talents that God has given her. It’s her prayer that they’ll be used to His glory. 

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