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Tony Clarke – Walking Home To Christmas

Tony Clarke – Walking Home To Christmas
A True Story Tony Clarke Will Never Forget Walking Home To Christmas

The story behind the song "Walking Home To Christmas" begins in 1978 when the snow was very fierce that day. Tony wages were short and Tony's job was closed for the holiday period. Most things were shut including the bank. So no way to get cash. It was arranged to collect a dress and the turkey for the one he loves but both had to wait until the New Year. So Tony pondered will love pull them through? Will Tony's love be bigger than a present? As he continued to pray for guidance, Tony asked "Oh Lord won't you tell me what I am going to do? I have no money and there is no time left to lose." Tony was told go home, hold her beside the tree and tell her the truth. It was the right thing to do! She hugged Tony and said it did not matter, we have each other! With the help of family and friends and a strong belief, Tony made it through!

About The Artist

Tony Clarke been in groups and solo for over twenty years. He gave up gigging seven years ago when it failed to pay the bills. The death of his father four years ago sparked something in him! A song called "Hear comes that song again" started him writing and now Tony is performing once again. The purpose is to create classic songs which may stand the test of time. It's also a way of sharing Tony's life experiences.

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