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Amazing Grace By Bethany Bola Thani is An Outburst of Her Personal Experiences

Amazing Grace By Bethany Bola Thani

Inspiration Behind The Song Amazing Grace

The Lord gave Bethany the song, Amazing Grace during the Easter season. She was consumed with a deep reflection of the agony the Lord went through for her sake, for the world’s sake. Oh, but for that blood that was shed! Bethany was a total wretch, but God charted the course of her life.

Bethany describes her birth as a mistake. It was not supposed to happen as far as she was concerned. Her life is encapsulated in grace! Through her journey she has seen God close some doors for her; some painfully and she has seen Him open some doors; some unexpectedly and oftentimes not even prayed for. Thus, Bethany is who she is today because of God’s grace! One can say that Amazing Grace is a summary of Bethany’s life!

About Bethany Bola Thani

In her mid-forties, Bethany began professional music in 2006 with her debut album – His Majesty. Jesus Na Bam Bam, her second effort was released in 2009 and the third, Pentecost Praise was released in 2013. In Dec. 2014, Bethany released two singles titled TAMBIRA JEHOVAH, a Shona folk song from Zimbabwe and MI SI MI SI (Breathe on me again). Most of these works are currently enjoy views on YouTube and various social media platforms.

An Assistant Pastor with the RCCGNA, Pastor Bola is sold out to worshiping God and has been privileged to minister across the globe with several reputable gospel artists. She has served the music ministry of her local church at the leadership level for over two decades with several awards to show for it. She also won the RIGA Awards for Excellence in Music Ministry in South Africa in 2016.

Bethany Bola Thani has cut her teeth in music and is very passionate about soulful music that ministers unto God, the dying world and God’s people. Currently, she resides in Baltimore, MD, USA with her family.

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