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Never - By Derek Homer - A Reminder That Jesus Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us

"Never" is a down-tempo, RnB song written by Derek Homer. It’s to remind those that love Jesus that He will never leave us nor forsake us. (Deut 31:6)

The Story Behind The Song "Never"

Gen 12:1 The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you."

Derek wrote "Never" the week before he left London, UK to start a new life in Stockholm, Sweden. London had been his home for all of his 40+ years of life so the idea of living anywhere else was both exciting and daunting. Derek was excited at the potential and possibilities of experiencing somewhere new. Yet, he felt daunted because there was no plan B! Actually, Derek had not planned on moving at all. He had been enduring some 'turbulence' in his day job and he decided that it was time to move on. When he informed his agent to help him find a new job, his response was that the options were limited. "There is a great company that's looking for somebody like you, " he began, "but they're based in Stockholm." Derek waited patiently for the agent to mention some other options, but there weren't any; his summary ended there. "They'll fly you out for an interview..." he offered. Now that sounded intriguing; Derek reasoned that at least he could get a short holiday out of it!

So Derek flew to them, and it turned out that they liked him. They offered Derek a job a couple days later, promising to pay to move his belongings over, to sort out his immigration and tax paperwork and to find him a new home. It was like God was opening every door that stood in his way.

Although Derek’s job was sorted, there were other criteria he had to sort out before accepting the move. He would also have to change Church and leave his beloved community behind. Would you believe God had that covered too? That’s right, within months Derek was back to playing keys on Sundays, this time at Hillsong Stockholm. Wow, won’t God do it!

Scroll forward a couple years, Derek found himself in an abundant season. He has favor and responsibilities at work and in the church. His wife is flourishing in her career. Their son is settled in preschool - and learning not to speak too much Swedish at him! Things could not be better! David stated that what Jesus said in Matthew 6 about putting God's kingdom first is true because he is an example and witness.

It hasn't always been convenient to serve God and His church - His bride – but He has always been faithful. Things are going well for Derek, but that could all change in a moment. So, once again – as always – Derek plan to continue trusting in God and trust that He will go before him and make a way. Derek trust that God will never leave him or forsake him. All things will work out for the good.

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