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Mariea E. Watkins Shares Her Feelings For Yeshua (Jesus) With Her New Released Single “Everything”

The Single “Everything” By Mariea E. Watkins Shares Her Feelings For Yeshua (Jesus)!

Everything By Mariea E. Watkins

Singer - Songwriter / Producer Mariea E. Watkins

Mariea grew up singing in the church. She started singing at the age of six years old. Her favorites in her repertoire included, “A Sunbeam”, “My Job Is Working For Jesus” and “I Call Him Jesus My Rock”. She would sing and play the latter song from church to church as a very young girl. She could play by ear and the people in her small town community were amazed at her talent so young. She worked her way to pay for her education at the University of South Florida, in Tampa (earning a Bachelor’s degree in music, graduating cum laude). She earned her advanced degree at the University of Miami, in The Music Business and Entertainment Industries. View detailed bio on the official page of Dr. Mariea E. Watkins.

Behind The Music of Mariea E. Watkins

Mariea released her debut album titled, “Soon” October 4, 2011. All original songs came to her in dreams. The single, “Music In the Air” was released on April 26, 2011, on her Jewelstone Records label. After seven years, she’s presenting her new single, “Everything”. Mariea says, “I am a Contemporary Praise & Worship Artist who shares the love of Jesus through songs that come to me (mostly) in dreams”!

The Birth of Everything

Everything came to Mariea while listening to her bible app. She was sitting on her exercise bicycle listening to her bible app and all of a sudden she heard the words and melody to the song “Everything”. Mariea quickly turned on the voice recorder on her iphone and recorded the song as she was hearing it. Mariea is excited to present this brand new single that really shares how she feels about our Savior, Yeshua (Jesus)! I really do love Him with all of my heart, says Mariea! “I pray that it blesses you and that you can relate to the words the same way (Smile)”. Mariea is a follower of Jesus and she loves the Lord with all of her heart. Any music that glorifies Jesus, is what she loves most! Keeping the Praises Going - Mariea E. Watkins.

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