Robert Green "New Life"


Robert Green believe that every human on this planet is special in God's eyes. He stated, “the human family is born into a lot of tough situations that a lot of us didn't ask to be born into”. Some of these situations include drugs, hatred, bitterness, abuse, and poverty.

It makes us feel trapped, useless, guilty, unstable even suicidal. So Robert wrote a song called “New Life” because it's exactly what Jesus offers. He is available to all mankind so that we may have life abundantly. It’s important to know that while we are experiencing negative feelings, we have a true friend, Jesus Christ. During the most difficult times in our life, Jesus is by our side. He reminds us that we are more than conquerors.


New Life is a song that interprets Robert Green relationship with God. It's something that money can't buy and it’s an offer to everyone. Through the blood, obedience, and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we are saved. The song is Robert’s account of how God saw him. Robert once was without direction, needing love, guidance, protection, and most importantly he needed the Lord and Savior. Now Robert has more hope than ever. The world that we know of could not have done this. You’re invited to join Robert on a journey and new life through Jesus Christ!


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