Featured Gospel Rapper "Da Gospel Way" Goes For Radio Adds With A Collaborated Project

Da Gospel Way Collab With Swagioso Brazy

When we think of music ministers who are on the grind for Jesus, we think of Houston Christian Rapper “Da Gospel Way”. Without a doubt, this artist is very serious about Kingdom building. There's no limit to how far he will go to spread the Gospel through his music.

We have had the pleasure of promoting Da Gospel Way through a track called “Without Love” and now he is back with a Single that hits just as hard!

He is currently going for adds with the Single "Preach" that he is featured on. It was projected to list on DRT’s Global Top 20 Charts by industry marketers and radio promoters. Swagioso Brazy leads off the song with a hook that’s straight fire while the background music production plays nothing less than amazing sounds! Featured Rapper Da Gospel Way blend into the mix with his bass voice and preach a message that glorifies God to the highest. Together they are a force to be reckoned with and we are very pleased with the project.

The airplay will build over a couple weeks from now and Devine Jamz Promoters will receive our first airplay report Feb. 19th.

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