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Gonna Make It – An Inspirational Masterpiece By David And Tiffany Spencer

Gonna Make It By David And Tiffany Spencer

A City of Praise, Worship, And Prayer

David and Tiffany Spencer are originally from Lumberton, NC. In 2016 the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew left the area devastated. People had to evacuate their homes. To get to safety, some had to wade through snake and alligator infested waters. Matthew brought record-level floods. Lumberton remained under water for a few days. Homes that took a lifetime to build were destroyed overnight.

Through the ordeal, people never lost sight of God. Families and friends worked together to make sure their community members were alright. Lumberton had become a city of praise, worship, and prayer. That experience is where "Gonna Make It" was birthed. Regardless of how bad it seemed, David & Tiffany knew God had not removed his hand from their hometown. This song serves as a reminder to their city and people everywhere - no matter how hard the storm hits, you can make it and you will get through it!

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