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Distributor Marketing Guideline Used At DJGN 

Distributor Marketing Guideline

In most cases, Indie Christian Recording Artists must make aware to an audience how and where to download their music. If it's at a distributor store (Ex. Amazon, ITunes, CD Baby) be sure not to come across as a Sales person. Although you are marketing music, you are a minister first! Also, it's a great way to give God all the glory for your success! Remember, we are called to go out and spread the Gospel, not spread our accomplishments. Once you get that concept understood you can press on with the various ways of getting the good news out to the public!

Assuming you have quality music, gaining the attention of a listening audience will take more of your time. To start, we recommend that you provide the origin about your music. Do this by writing a PR publishing on a high-performance Content Management System that's in your niche. It should be an optimized website and easily found on search engines when unique users are searching similar sites using key word inquiries. At some point in your PR publishing insert the distributor's widget to your song. Do not ask for a purchase! Use your creative mind and suggest downloading the track(s) will benefit them. If the content of your song is presented well, ideally readers will download the song without you needing to ask. Remember, the main focus of your message is the Gospel. Your song is the result of the Gospel and your experience! For visual stimulation present your content with a custom graphic flyer. Promote your PR through social media and specific target audiences. Put a custom banner or two on related websites to help publicize your PR and the landing page. This will also create backlinks. Spread out the PR even more by curating your story in the headline of an active Christian music digital newspaper. Again, this will create a backlink for SEO purposes. If you can manage this, then you can move forward with other related options. If you prefer to get help, we would be more than happy to assist qualified submissions with Distributor Marketing.   

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