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Derek Homer Release His New Single "Saviour", But Tells Us About A Terrible Time He Didn't Believe There Was A Savior

Derek Homer New Single Saviour

Where It All Started With Derek Homer

Derek was acquainted with music at an early age by his dad's involvement in Notting Hill Carnival. He began playing the piano at age six, won a grant to go to music school at ten, then graduated from college with a Bachelor of Music Performance and Composition.

From that point on, Derek chose to put his melodic desire on hold to seek after a secondary profession in IT. He stayed connected with Notting Hill scoring and arranging music for nearby and global artists.

In 2006, God revealed He had other plans for Derek’s life. He was invited to go to a service at Hillsong Church London, where Derek was enormously affected by the profound energy, music, and love.

After filling in as a volunteer for a couple of years, Derek joined their worship team as a piano/console player. He had the benefit of encountering their dedicated and superb leadership firsthand, and it wasn't long before God began sending Derek songs to compose for His sake.

Thus the story proceeds. Derek writes songs that are based on bible verses, prayer meditation or life's ups and downs. As an arranger, he tries to adopt a variety of musical styles in the hope that he can reach a variety of people with his songs. If just one person is impacted by Derek’s work and is led to discover a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, then he considers his mission a success!

New Release Song “Saviour” And Why It Was Written

Believe or not, Derek didn't always think of our Lord and Savior as he does now. There was a time he treated Jesus as if He were a mere 'add-on' with his Sunday routine. He didn't make time to involve himself in anything related to faith or to church except to show up once a week for an hour. He even had the ordacity to pray for things he wanted as if Christ were here to do Derek’s will, rather than the other way around. Derek went about life in his relaxed and self-centered way in his own little bubble. Derek lived his life as if he would never have trials and tribulation and didn't need divine protection. That is, until things went bad!

A series of poor decisions and unfortunate luck cost Derek his career, his home, his relationship, and most of his belongings. Derek’s life crashed and he was left feeling crushed, broken and rejected. He recalls being angry at God as if He had no right to let this happen to him! Derek also recalls considering whether to continue believing what little he did believe in Him. He reasoned that his life now looked exactly as if there wasn't a God who watched over him.

However, something deep within Derek’s spirit shifted in the opposite direction! Faced with his situation, he realized it would be easy to deduce that God didn't exist or that He didn't love him. Derek became aware that if there were dark powers at work, then this is what they would want him to believe. Instead, Derek cast away those negative thoughts and started believing that there was a God who knew him, loved him and could forgive him for his past behaviors.

Jesus carried Derek through two long years of unemployment before rewarding him with a job. At first, it was work serving coffee, but God is faithful and over time He restored Derek’s career to a greater position than he held before. Derek has experienced promotion after promotion and increase after increase. He will never grow tired of singing His praises! The glory belongs to God alone! It is Derek’s prayer to always have a song of praise upon his lips and to write more songs that declare His wonders!

For this reason, Derek offers "Saviour" as a song to sing to others who may not yet know Jesus or what He has done for the lives of all mankind.

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