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The Power That The Blood Has On People Inspired Gospel Singer – Songwriter Yemi Alafifuni To Release His New Single

The Blood By Yemi Alafifuni

About Gospel Recording Artist “Yemi Alafifuni”

Yemi Alafifuni is a UK based Gospel Singer - Songwriter who likes ministering to the world with inspiring and Jesus centered gospel music. Yemi’s musical journey started in secondary school when serving as an usher. He found that singing a song before the grace was shared increased the attendance of students at the weekly meeting. This amplified his passion for music, especially worship songs. Since then, Yemi has taken every opportunity to sing at schools and church choirs from an early age.

Yemi’s Enjoyment of Gospel Music

The Blood By Yemi Alafifuni
Currently, Yemi is one of the worship leaders at “Church Of His Presence” in the UK. It’s a church where living a lifestyle of Jesus is the norm and worships are undiluted. He enjoys his time in worship, appreciating every opportunity by giving his absolute best to God. Our God deserves 100%, all the time, no exceptions, Yemi believes. Yemi has a desire for his music to be a blessing throughout the nations of the world in spirit and in truth. His music brings you closer to the throne of God as your heart connects to Him through worship.

Inspired To Write And Sing “The Blood”

“The Blood” is a song Yemi was inspired to write and sing after listening to a teaching on the enormous power that the blood has on people, especially for believers. There is extreme strength in knowing that all we have and would ever need has been paid for, in full! The Blood brings the message of hope and the wholeness of our being through what Christ Jesus did for us on the cross.

And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground Luke 22:44 KJV.

The bible scripture Luke 22:44 introduces us to the great distress that Jesus was experiencing and tells us how he saw the process of the cross was vital. He chose to go through it just so that God might have through Him, sons and daughters today! The Blood is a song with inspiration to write about, inspiration to sing about, and inspiration for someone to purchase!

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