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A Creative Producer - Emcee Transcribes Scriptures Into A Hip Hop Audio Book Called "The Chronicles Vol. 1"

Producer - Emcee "Wiseman" new hip hop audio book “The Chronicles Vol. 1” is now available on BandCamp.
About The Artist

Wiseman is an emcee-producer from Long Beach, California. Around 1990 at the age of 12, he realized he had a special attraction to music when his grandmother blessed him with 100 dollars. He spent the money on a radio system. It had a turntable at the top, dual cassette tape deck, AM/FM radio, and a mic plug to record your voice. It was the year he fell in love with Hip Hop. Amazed how the imagination of the mind paints pictures through wordplay and clever rhymes. Wiseman told himself he was going to be the best emcee.

As time passed by, Wiseman accumulated many notebooks filled with song lyrics and hooks. However, he had no beats to rap over. And even though he was only 22 and making just enough money to pay rent. He still chased after his dream trying to find a producer that believed in him. In the year 2000, Wiseman was blessed and got an MPC 2000. Later, he bought a digital recorder for about $500 dollars. It was then when his stories began and he started documenting his life’s journey in each of his albums.

Hip Hop Audio Bible Stories

One day Wiseman heard Gods' voice speak, and He said to him, “you love Hip Hop more than you love Me.” Wiseman was saddened in his heart for days because the truth is he had been devoting all his time and energy into creating beats, writing lyrics, recording, engineering, and mixing. Giving very little time and energy to spiritual matters in life. A couple of days went by, then he heard the Heavenly Father speak again. He said, “If you’re going to create Hip Hop music, then do it for Me.” Wiseman thought wow God is so wonderful, that He would allow him to do his heart's desire, long as he do it for Him and put Him first.

Years went by, then one particular morning Wiseman woke up from a dream and God’s voice said, “Turn My bible stories into Hip Hop songs.” All his life he has been releasing album after album to finally acquire the skills and craft to present to the world a Hip Hop audio book of the bible stories, titled "The Chronicles Vol. 1".

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