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Christian Rapper Kee Beez Return To His Music Ministry With His Come Back Track Titled "Under His Love"

Christian Rapper Kee Beez

Kee Beez was brought up in Richmond CA. He began his music interest at 10 years old singing with his congregation choir. When he was in Jr. high and the start of secondary school, he began playing the trumpet. He then utilized music instruments for stress alleviation. Later Kee Beez began experiencing producing music. After taking some time away from a recording academy, Kee Beez is back and ready to push forward ministering the Gospel through his music. Regardless of what the result will bring, there are two things that Kee Beez won't change. His adoration for music and his confidence in God.

Compelled To Witness The Gospel

When we asked Kee Beez what reason did he feel compelled to create the project "Under His Love" he expressed, "I made this track to tell individuals that God is genuine and in my life". He additionally said, “I’m a rational person and just want people to know I will not abandon my faith”. Whether it’s through music or by any other means; as a professional Sing-Songwriter or amateur rapper when God put a passion and desire in your heart to serve Him, there's no telling who will be saved by His grace and mercy.

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