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Christian Hip Hop Artist "T-WON" Release A New Style Of Music And Testimony Titled "Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus"

Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

Christian Hip Hop Recording Artist "T-WON"

T-WON Price is the voice and soul of an award-winning recording artist, music producer, radio personality and mastermind behind one of the hottest radio shows in the industry “Da Holy Hitz Show”. Born Antoine J. Price in Flint, Michigan, T-WON originated from a family background in musical tradition. Early in life, T-WON developed his musical talents in church, school choirs, and singing groups before realizing his true calling, holy hip hop. Virtually overnight, T-WON went from performing secular music to strictly playing for the Lord. Or, as T-WON would say, “God made me an offer I could not refuse”.

New Single “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus”

When we asked T-WON if there is a life-changing purpose why he created the new song “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus“ he explained, yes when he was asked to open up for a new up and coming quartet group he was producing at their album release. The show was packed. T-WON got up to minister his music and gave it everything he had. However, there was no response except for the complimentary hand claps when he was done! The next rapper did his thing and received the same response, a few hand claps. Finally, it was time for a quartet group to minister and the crowd went crazy. For the first time, T-WON felt like his ministry needed to be more diverse. So, he acted on the passion God gave him to add traditional quartet music with holy hip-hop. He prayed for direction and like always God showed up and showed out. Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus is not only his testimony for his new style of music, but it’s also a testimony that God lead him to a new target audience to share his music with. Listen to “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” and the message that God shared through it!

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