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Reach Out And Love Someone

A message to encourage and inspire you to reach out and love someone today.

It seems like time is moving by so fast. However, we are all moving through this life at the speed of 24hrs a day. Sometimes we get caught up with the day to day living and the hustle and bustle of trying to keep up with the status quo. Let’s not forget to take the time to enjoy life and each other.

Reach Out And Love Someone
The Holiday Season is here, so let's keep in mind that LOVE is the KEY that unlocks the heavy hearts of those who may be going through a difficult time. We all need to encourage one another, Especially Family. For some of us, a family is all we have.

Just for starters, take a moment and think about a loved one who you haven't talked to or heard from in a long time. The words ("Hi, I was just thinking about you"), can make a world of difference in the life of someone who feels as though they have been forgotten or that no one cares about them. You never know, this may start an avalanche of healing the hurts of old wounds and bitterness that may have festered up over the years.

Reach Out And Love Someone
Also, a warm smile and a hardy hello to someone as you walk pass them could mean the difference between life or death. Now, I know that may sound a bit extreme, but then again, you’ll never know, really! So why take the chance. Find comfort in knowing that the seed of joy you plant today may benefit many for years to come.

So again, I challenge you, as well as myself to Reach Out and Love Someone soon if not today. May this holiday season be a Blessing We All Can Share.

Forever Grateful,

David E. Maxwell

Reach Out And Love Someone

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