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GOD is Like Whoa By Christian Rap Artist “BRM” Feat. JLove & Hilgy

BRM (Brandon R Music)

GOD is Like Whoa By BRM Feat. JLove & Hilgy
BRM music comes from valuable encounters that build character. It shares his delight and troubles through Christian rap. With an imaginative and crisp new style, his music helps him live a better life style for God.

"We as a whole experience situations in life. The choices and decisions we make while experiencing our encounters are what characterizes us. I'm not impeccable and a long way from it, but I want to be remembered as somebody who adored God. In my pursuit I learned how to love my spouse better and helped individuals improved their lives through my music"BRM

The Creation of  “God is Like Whoa”

Brandon created “God is like whoa” because he has witness God demonstrate His love for him time after time again. He wanted to create a song praising him in a cool way so that his peers can relate and use the phrase as a symbol of God’s greatness.

GOD is Like Whoa by BRM Feat. JLove & Hilgy

BRM History

Five years ago, Brandon re-dedicated his life to God. He started to make music about his life and his testimonies. It’s been amazing how God has inspired Brandon to use music to express his feelings. He explains that the Gospel of Jesus has been his means of coping with real life issues.

BRM Testimony

“God saved my marriage, which was all but over. After all the lying, cheating, and sin, I was shown a supernatural forgiveness from my wife which could have only come from GOD. I was kicked out of my house and headed down a road I thought I never would be on. When I met with my wife at a park one day, I broke down because she offered me her forgiveness. I not only felt it from her but I felt GOD in that moment as well. He softened my heart to hear what my wife was saying to me and I felt just an overwhelming thankfulness to her and God. I thought to myself only someone who has the holy spirit inside of them could show this kind of grace, love, and mercy! I was blown away. God has blessed my marriage, given me two wonderful children, a job, a music ministry, and a wonderful church community. God, is Like Whoa” - BRM

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