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Dengiyefa Akene | New Single “River of Worship”

About Dengiyefa Akene

Dengiyefa Akene - River of Worship
Before moving to Canada Dengiyefa was a drummer and pursued it professionally, until God began to change his focus to what he believe He really called him to do. Along with playing drums Dengiyefa also played a little bit of the keyboard which helped him transition into the role of a worship leader. Dengiyefa began to cultivate his skill to consistently grow to be a gospel singer and most importantly a true worshiper. That lead him to being invited to church events, outdoor and community events. Dengiyefa recently did a live recording at The Molson Canadian Studio in Hamilton, Ontario. These experiences have led him to the release of his new single River of Worship (ROW). Dengiyefa is working on releasing his first album sometime next year titled “God’s Got Me Covered”. 

The Creation of “River of Worship”

What led Dengiyefa to create this single River of Worship (ROW) is the need for our priorities to be rearranged. Understanding that nothing happens outside the existence of our creator.

The scripture John 12:32 “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” is what motivated this song. The priority is to be God first and the focus falls on Him alone. This song says just that in Dengiyefa's  own words. With the skill of a talented team of musicians, singers and engineers, Dengiyefa was able to capture the essence of that scripture in this song he wrote.

Dengiyefa Testimonies Are In His Music

The songs Dengiyefa write are testimonies of different seasons in his life. Sometimes Dengiyefa was inspired by someone else’s struggle. For the most part Dengiyefa songs are his personal experiences of his struggles, successes and faith for the future. 

Growing up as a child Dengiyefa lost his dad at the age of 10 to a stroke and heart attack. Dengiyefa didn’t really have anyone to play the father role in his life. Even with being the youngest of 7 siblings, they are all 10+ years older than him and had priorities of their own. Not having a father-figure in his life exposed Dengiyefa to a lot of youthful distractions. What helped to keep him focused was the scriptures his mum taught and shared with him and the love for gospel music. When Dengiyefa write songs, it’s his way of saying thank you to God for all He has done and as a reflection of the storms He’s brought him through. Dengiyefa write songs to give Him the glory and praise using the words and melodies He’s orchestrated through him. 

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