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6 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Popular Again

Vinyl records are no longer just a thing of the past. In recent years, there has been a rejuvenated interest in vinyl records, such as in 2014 when over nine million records were sold. Older music lovers are rediscovering their old vinyl records from decades ago and young people are discovering them for the first time. You may be asking yourself, "Why is vinyl making a comeback?"


Progress is an ongoing process in today's world, and sometimes it can be a daunting prospect for people who grew up in previous decades. Vinyl records remind many people of their childhoods and adolescent years. They associate vinyl records with happy memories.

Quality of Sound

Many people notice a difference in the quality of sound between vinyl records and compact discs. Compact discs contain music that has been edited and reformatted, so naturally there are going to be some noticeable differences. The volume and intensity usually increase once the music has been converted from a vinyl to a compact disc. It really comes down to personal preference: some listeners prefer the clarity and intensity of reformatted music and some prefer the subtle, muted sounds of a vinyl record.


Digital music is a convenient way to quickly listen to music, but it can get expensive. Many people already have vinyl records from their favorite artists, so it only makes sense that they would listen to those records in lieu of purchasing a digital version of music they already own.


According to BBC News, only 52 percent of consumers who buy vinyl records actually have a turntable to play them on. The other 48 percent don't actually play the records once they buy them, so listening to music clearly isn't their motivation for purchasing vinyl records. Many people like the idea of owning something old and classic because they like the history that comes with it. Some people just prefer a deviation from digital music and CD albums. The novelty of owning a vinyl record can be just as enjoyable as playing one on a turntable.


Vinyl records are usually more affordable than digital albums or compact discs. Digital albums and compact disc albums sometimes go for up to 20 dollars. Vinyl records don't usually go for more than five to 10 dollars except in the case of rare editions or new releases. Many discount stores sell old records for a couple of dollars each. If you have a record player and don't feel like shelling out a fortune on classic albums, vinyl is an inexpensive way to expand your music collection.


Some people purchase vinyl records simply because they like how they look. The large sleeves that the records come in display the album art much more vividly than the small cases that compact discs come in, and they can make good decorations for any room. They can be propped up on shelves or pinned to the walls like posters.

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