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Teen Challenge Jamaica Choir | Talented Rehabilitating Drug Addicts Creates A Stunning New Album

Rehabilitating Drug Addicts


The Teen Challenge Jamaica Choir comprises rehabilitated and rehabilitating drug addicts in the Teen Challenge Jamaica one-year rehabilitation program. Teen Challenge is the most effective drug rehab program in the world using Christian values only.

The story of how Teen Challenge was started is captured in the award winning film The Cross and the Switchblade. The choir is led by John Spencer, the program director of Teen Challenge Jamaica, the choir director and the lead singer on this album.

John is a musician, a singer and a choir director at his local church and has a history in music that has seen him place in the top 10 of the local Gospel Festival competition on two occasions.


The songs were written by Milton Maye, a longstanding friend and associate of Teen Challenge Jamaica and a song writer and producer of gospel music.

The songs were selected based on the strong testimony of the Teen Challenge Group and the message of hope every member would desire to communicate to the public.

Change is an album with real life testimonies and powerful messages but is also a fundraising project for the mission of Teen Challenge Jamaica.


Teen Challenge Jamaica Choir
The album presents a message of hope to everyone who hears it. The strong messages in the songs combined with the stories and background of the singers makes the music not just another album but a real life story of change and hope for the hopeless that comes for every listener. The album presents sound messages from individuals who have experienced in real terms what they sing about. Only lives that have been changed can truly testify to the power of change; only lives that have been transformed by love can truly give you a tour of the depths of love; only those who have been rescued from hopelessness can truly give you a tour of the contours of hope.


This album targets lovers of good gospel and Christian music; lovers of Caribbean and Jamaican Gospel music and everyone who needs a message of hope from the lips of those who had been written off as hopeless. This album is strongly recommended for everyone who has an addiction or has a close family member with an addiction. This hope is real.

Each Song is Personal


1. Choir in Heaven: This song means so much to us here at Teen Challenge. It is a big statement when someone who lived a life of hopelessness, can reach a point where they are not only able to say, I am a changed, I have hope, but they can actually look forward in anticipation to say, “I can’t wait to add my voice, to the choir in heaven”.

2. The Cross Painting: When life paints for us a devastating picture; (Just follow the trail of a drug addict for a day and you will understand) the cross paints for us the most beautiful picture that ever exist. There is no better place to see this contrast in living colors than at Teen Challenge. This song is a beautiful portrayal of the most beautiful event on earth sung by rehabilitated drugs addicts whose life has been colored with hope and re- painted bright.

3. Love will pick you out: A love song endearing to every person who is separated from a loved one by distance or by being distant. This song is very special to the Teen Challenge Choir, most of whom have been separated from loved ones and from love itself. Love picked them out and picked them up and made them a witness of its efficacy.

4. He died on the Cross: Whether an addict, or just someone who is living in sin and disobedience to God, the end result is the same, death, hell; the relevance of this message of the cross reaches across boundaries and social barriers. It is this message that has made all difference in the lives of so many at Teen Challenge.

5. Free: You will be blessed as those who have experienced the freedom from chronic drug addiction shares their testimony.

6. Change: This song is the story of Teen Challenge and what takes place here; it is the potential that is within grasp for everyone in any area of life. The song speaks for itself, enjoy.

7. A man who died upon the Cross: As we draw closer to the coming of Christ, cultures, customs and nations in their laws and practices are denying a fact for which Teen Challenge is an active and living testimony and advocate. We reassert in this song the one significant truth that makes the difference and that really matters to mankind, there is a Man who died upon the Cross.

8. Awesome God: At times we need a praise break. When we consider what the Lord has done here at Teen Challenge our commitment is to Praise the Lord at all times, without break. His praise shall continually be in our mouths. We invite the listeners to join us in this celebration of God’s deliverance.

9. Overcome: This is another testimony song that is sure to bless you all. Your situation is not hopeless. Your family situation is not hopeless; your brother's, sister's, father’s mother’s, friend’s, son’s situation is not hopeless. Let us help you.

10. Covering: The story of Ahab king of Israel who disguised and went to battle with Jehoshaphat king of Judah who went to battle in his royal robes. Ahab was killed in battle, someone shot him by chance; Jehoshaphat was saved by the Lord. There is nothing to protect us if we are not properly covered by God and now by the blood of Christ. The lives of the many finding refuge at Teen Challenge; people from various stratum's of society, the privileged and under privileged, have come to appreciate what the Helmet of Salvation means.

11. Met Love: You may think you know love until you are on the other side of love, until you become unlovable because of your own faults. It brings Teen Challenge to tears to understand that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Jesus is indeed both a friend and a brother. We sing about this love.

12. Momma Care: In this song we laud the mothers of the many who have passed through Teen Challenge’s door who never really gave up on us. For every person in Teen Challenge, it is personal. Momma, Thank you. For you mothers out there who are severely heartbroken, don’t give up; there is hope. One day your son or daughter will sing of your enduring love and sacrifice which has made the difference.

13. Singled Out: This is personal. It is for you if you are addicted or in despair, or suicidal. There is an arrow from heaven aimed at your heart. It is filled with hope and a future. You are singled out. Your best days are ahead of you.

14. Show You Off: When the Lord has done great things for you, all you want to do is to show Him off. The man who had the legions and the blind man healed could not shut up. A person who is forgiven much, loves much. This is evident by Apostle Paul. This is the story of our own enthusiasm here at Teen Challenge, we want to show Him off.

15. Choir of the hearts: Again we give praise to God for all that He has done. We no longer sing from our mouths as people who have no real experience; we join the millions who have a reason to sing and rejoice from our hearts. We invite you to join this choir, the Choir of the Hearts.


Teen Challenge Jamaica


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