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Rocc's Thoughts on Songwriting: The Power Behind 'I Get Up'
Rocc Nobles conceptualized and wrote his inspirational song over the course of a day. He drew upon personal experiences to create the song's narrative. In the song, Rocc recounts facing the world, despite having physical and mental troubles. Having respect for everyone, no matter what happens, also resonates in the song. Rocc shared a story about learning respect from a young age:

'I remember tarnishing [my] name one evening after my mom – Great Aunt Ruby Jewel Nobles – sent me to buy a gallon of milk. I bought the milk, but stole a Hot Wheels car. Police stopped me out in the parking lot – my heart beat out of my chest at what I had done. Since we didn't have a phone, I had to call a neighbor to let Mom what happened. I knew I was in trouble when she got there. […] I got to keep the Hot Wheels to remind me of what I did – it hung over my bedroom door for me to see each time I walked in.'

The song addresses faith with the line: 'I hope one day our youth finds truth and see what I see in the red, white and blue.' When asked about the significance of the lyrics, Rocc said:

'I think a lot of our youth feel entitled and take things for granted. When I [saw] people desecrating the flag, it hurt deep. I understand being mad and upset at our government, but that's like cursing [at] your mother. You just don't do that. I feel prayer, pledge and Christmas should go back into our schools. If you don't believe in these things, fine, but it's what this country was founded on.'

Themes of faith and respect run deep in 'I Get Up,' as these themes play a large role in Rocc's life. He believes in helping others and doesn't believe why 'others would stand around and do nothing as if scared.' Rocc recounted helping another man pay for his groceries when he could not.

Rocc feels helping someone and wanting nothing in return, especially when who you help may not return the favor, is a 'great feeling.' He feels others should experience at least once. In other words, having faith in others—to the point of helping them unconditionally—is something people should be proud of doing.

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