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Singer-Songwriter, Robert Smith Is Alive And Free From Hunger, Substances, And Pornography

For Robert Smith, encountering his youth in the Philippines gave him an alternate point of view of the world

Robert Smith Band
Numerous individuals today have no idea what it is like to originate from a country where neediness is the standard. I'm discussing the kind of poverty that don't have low income programs to help the penniless. Here in the U.S. kids may grow up with poor training and a harsh home, however there are plenty of community assistance programs that will guarantee an hungry youngster gets the opportunity to eat. For Robert, nourishment was extremely restricted. Much more, where he experienced childhood was not an ideal place to be at. One can simply imagine how troublesome this must of been for a child to adjust to at an amazingly young age. Especially, when his mom and step-father lived in another country. He was able to live with his grandparents, yet his granddad was an irate alcoholic who he got periodic beatings from.

To overcome starvation and different needs, Robert stole from where he could and learned bargaining at nearby markets. With no bearing in life, it was unavoidable that Robert would learn other shocking bad habits. He began smoking and drinking liquor when he went to second grade. It was fairly simple for a kid to get things as such in the Philippines at the time. He likewise got to be dependent on sniffing elastic cement since it some way or another helped him relieve his hunger pain.

Alive And Free?

Robert Smith Band
Every so often, Robert was supplied a meal by an organization like World Vision and Compassion International, where he could be at ease with food. By the age of 11, things began to rotate toward the sky for Robert. He was embraced and adopted alongside with his sibling and brought to the USA. His propensity for smoking and drinking in like manner lessened on account of his inability to purchase alcohol and cigarettes in the United States. In any case, was Robert finally free from darkness? No, Robert lived another grieving side.

All through his adolescent years until mid 20's, Robert was dependent on erotic entertainment. In spite of the fact that he had experienced childhood in various churches for a long time, he didn't have a strong association with Christ and this was one of the difficulties he had. He additionally fell into significant dejection and turned out to be fairly frail. Regardless - today, Robert is alive and free from hunger, substances, obscenity, and depression. He began realizing who God is and what the Bible says in regards to who he is in Christ. He found a reason in life and has an energy to lead individuals to the person who spared him, our cherishing God! He is persistently learning more of who God is and the the way He cherishes His children.

Living A Purposed Life

Robert likes to create uplifting music and play an assortment of musical instruments. As of late, he has been committed to begin a worship group, which is titled "Robert Smith Band". It for the most part spotlights at gatherings and different conferences in that capacity. The Robert Smith's Band will likely usher individuals into God's presence by means of anointing music. At the nearby church Robert goes to, he receives fulfillment when individuals experience God through his performance. A hefty portion of his tunes originate from mediation, revelations and his own adventure with God.

New Release Music

As a greater amount of Robert's tunes are released, you'll find that a significant number of the tracks will be founded on God, affection, and freedom. Download "Alive And Free" right now. It's a joyful sound to have if you need to be delivered from bondage of any sort.

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