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What Would You Say Is The Most Powerful Testimony That A Christian Can Have?

Would you concur loving somebody that want to hurt you is on top of the list?

Love Jesus, Love People
Contradictory to numerous, Christians are instructed by the word of God to be different and distinct from the world. Nonbelievers can love individuals who are decent to them, yet by and large they won't love their adversaries. Believers are no better than the world if we retaliate on those who want to persecute, revile, harass us and who don’t love us. It's not generally simple loving these sort of individuals, but rather we have the Holy Spirit to help us! An incredible confirmation by Singer Songwriter Anthony Nelson talks profoundly on this subject.

The Testimony of Anthony Nelson

Love Jesus, Love People
All through various periods of Anthony's life, he found that there have been individuals in his path who hated on him for some reason or another. Whether it was a relative, a claimed companion, a colleague and even somebody in the local church where he attends, there was a person or persons who wanted to make his day troublesome, mortify him, ridicule and spread false allegations against him.

Every time he needed to deal with the drama his inquiry to the Lord was, "Why is this transpiring, particularly as I am attempting to live Christ like for you, LORD?"

I'm certain numerous Christians had comparable encounters and asked, "Why me, LORD?" "Did I do something incorrectly?" "Am I being chastised?"

What Anthony and numerous other bible perusing Christians found out is that there does not necessarily need to be a reason for this type of antagonism. God explains through scripture that there will be people that we will come in contact with who feel a need to hurt us emotionally and even physically. Notwithstanding, the word of God likewise says we ought to love the very same individuals who mistreat us, that we might be offspring of our Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:43-48)! Perusing the word of God is an incredible approach to help us manage troublesome times. But another incredible source to use during tough times is listening to inspiring music.

The Album “Love Jesus, Love People” Speaks Volume

Love Jesus, Love People
Often times people listen to soothing and encouraging music to help them cope through rough times of persecution. A great Contemporary Gospel album that speaks volume on this matter is “Love Jesus, Love People” by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers. When Anthony was asked how can his music sooth listeners going through difficult times he replied, “healthy crying as they are going through a valley filled with enemies or smiling as they praise God on how to deal with enemies” are emotions that can be experienced while listening to Love Jesus, Love People.

Does "Love Jesus, Love People" Extend To Non-Believers?

Anthony expresses that the song "Love My Enemies" can be played on certain mainstream radio stations and can draw in non-adherents and lukewarm devotees. The message is widespread! Despite the fact that the tune is directed to Christians, most people come across hostile individuals either in their families, on their occupations, and so forth.

Love Jesus, Love People” is a compilation of 12 faith-based songs that all validate to the title of the collection. But, an album entitled “Love Jesus, Love People” would be incomplete if there were no songs that address how to love your enemies. As Dr. John MacArthur writes, “If love is the greatest thing, then loving your enemies is the greatest thing that love can do.”

How To Obtain "Love Jesus, Love People"

The spotlight album is stored with The Best of Amazon's Featured Christian Indie Recording Artists and can be obtained from Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers. It's a hit collection and positively fits the title Love Jesus, Love People. We urge music lovers to get your copy now!

Love Jesus, Love People

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