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Former Female Gangster Uses Her Amazing Vocals To Minister Grace And Favor

T.R.U, a former gangster reaches out to those lost in addiction, sex, and pain
TiffanyT.R.UO’Neal use to walk an existence of a gang banger. She was lacking in faith, not accountable as she ought to have been, and heading in the wrong direction. Caught up with unethical behaviors T.R.U stopped praying as she once did growing up. She abandoned her belief in God and what was required of her.

Be that as it may, God showed T.R.U favor and strengthen her in the areas that she was weak in. His strength became perfect in her shortcoming. Attracting her closer to Him, T.R.U now minister to the very same people she once strolled the streets with.

Grace And Favor by T.R.U

T.R.U Gospel Roots

T.R.U began her involvement in church and started rapping at a youthful age while attending middle school. She began composing and recording Gospel music professionally when she gave her life to Christ at 25 years old.

Originally a Detroit, MI native and residing in one of the understood music meccas of the world, T.R.U was motivated by incredible gospel artists such as BeBe and CeCe Winans, Commissioned, The Clark Sisters, and Fred Hammond to name a few. Eventually, T.R.U moved to Atlanta where it is considered to be a part of the bible belt, and involved herself vigorously in the music industry.

Inspiration For Grace And Favor
The inspiration behind the single Grace And Favor came from the teaching of T.R.U’s Pastor. She was learning from a series about grace and favor of God. The anointing God put on her Pastor was so powerful, T.R.U felt compelled to share the revelation she received from the course.

T.R.U then listened to a composition by Producer E Dot from Kingdom Grind Records and the music literally made her cry. T.R.U discerned that she was listening to an affirmation from God to put her vocals on the track. She recorded the song Grace And Favor with Luke G and the experience received from the coordinated effort was stunning. The completed project is a result of obedience to the calling of God and the relationship obtained with Jesus Christ.

T.R.U’s Targeted Audience

T.R.U conveys a lovely, yet shocking melody to many people beyond any doubt. When heard by an audience filled with former gang members, the gifted and talented artist leaves an astonishing impression with her vocals and message. T.R.U want to touch the lives of individuals who are lost in addiction, turmoil, drugs, sex, and hurt. Because of her former affiliation with those she associated with in the world, she’s in a great position to shine some light in circumstances where God's grace and favor can effectively be a solution.

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