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Falling Trap To Worries And Cares Of The World

Loosing focus with our relationship with God 

There are times when some Christians allow the word of God to become overshadowed by worries, the lure of wealth, and the desire of things that produce no fruit (Mark 4:19). It’s something that happens according to scripture. Eventually, the guilty feeling puts one into a state of depression. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the obvious sinful act when Christians lose focus of Christ. For example, have you or someone you know loss a parent, child, spouse or love one? At the time, did you ask God why would He allow something so devastating to occur? If so, would you say that you lost trust in God even if it was for a short moment? For some, the experience of a tragic loss separated them from Christ because of the hurt and pain! It’s not always intentional, but for those of us who live in the real world know that it can be difficult to dedicate our lives to Christianity without fallen short sometimes! 

What does the word 'Dedicate' mean to you? 

A great Contemporary Gospel song to listen to is called 'Dedicate' by Billboard charting artist Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers. The song is brilliantly composed and written. The amazing vocals of the singer put listeners in a trance with her somber outcry to the Lord. She expresses how it seems so long since she last talked to God. She admits that the worries and the cares of this world has choked and taken her very breath away. Intentional or not she lost her focus in the word of God momentarily. What could she have done differently according to scripture? There are many things we all can do when circumstances in our life become to hard to bare on our own. We as Christians can decrease our chances from being distracted with unbelieving thoughts. 

Petition for help 

We can offer our body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God (Romans 12:1). It's a Christian's true and proper worship to practice consistently! Be encouraged! God knows our heart and the truthfulness of it. Like the vocalist who sung "Dedicate”, she  made an outcry to the Lord for help. We can do the same to get back aligned to the word of God. Request God to bring you close to him and give you the fire and power to dedicate your life for him. Keep up your relationship by investing more time through prayer. Constant prayer is our high-speed connection to Christ. The lack of praying will put you right back on dial up connection, which takes forever before a message is delivered to our Lord and Savior. 

When we fall short 

Occasionally, we all fall short in the mist of our walk with Christ. Most believers, if transparent and honest, will admit that there are times when they lose focus in their relationship with God. Perhaps it's times we cease to pray faithfully and fervently. Times we don’t read the word of God consistently. Times we fail to serve others, evangelize, and obey the will of God like we should. In certain cases, some believers find themselves in a state where they backslide and lose focus completely. 

There was a gentleman who worked with a friend and they often chat when they were off duty. One of the men transferred to another job location and they lost touch with each other. They didn't speak to one another for months. When one of the men finally reached out to the other, he didn't recognize the voice of his friend. 

This can be said about our relationship with Christ. You may not discern when he is reaching out to you if you don’t stay in a close relationship. Don’t imitate the behaviors and traditions of this world. Dedicate yourself to God and cast all your cares and worries to the Lord. He will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. (Psalm 55:22)

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