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Learn How Steven Kristopher Used His Church Roots To Develop The Upbeat, Worship Album "With Abandon"

"With Abandon" is an amazing, upbeat, fully produced worship album from the church roots of Steven Kristopher.

Contemporary Christian Music
Since the age of 8, Steven Kristopher attended church and frequently sat in the front row. He watched what the drummer was doing and learned to play drums. But he didn’t stop there! Later in Junior High, Steven took up the Alto Saxophone, which he played in school orchestra for 3 years. With so much eager to learn how to play various instruments, Steven also learned how to play the harmonica. He finally found the piano to be his one true instrument and favorite.

He started writing songs immediately, which were as any new creation, not amazing. However, Steven was on his way to perfecting his craft which can be heard in his music today. As he wrote songs and played around town locally in Los Angeles, California, his birthplace, he had the opportunity to help form the band Midnight to Twelve. Playing piano and keyboards for the band was where he shined. After countless shows across the entire country, Radio and Television success, he felt his life was taking him in a new direction.

Steven Kristopher’s Solo Singing Endeavor

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After leaving the band, and recording an instrumental piano album, Steven decided to start recording solo singer-songwriter projects. The first was “Brand New Road”. His second studio album, “Intersections” soon followed. This was a music diary of his experiences and feelings at the time. But now, this album, “With Abandon”, is a fully produced studio worship album that takes Steven back to his church roots. With an upbeat title track, “With Abandon” shows the zeal and thankfulness for the Lord God and his blessings.

Other songs, like “Psalm 23”, “Psalm 55”, and “God I Need You Now” show the reality of the Christian walk, and our incredible need for God’s grace and movement in our lives and souls. Overall, this album is a heartfelt representation of a songwriter who is very aware of his need for a savior and the shelter of Jesus Christ.

Steven Kristopher’s Goals For “With Abandon”

Steven hopes when people hear the album; they’re able to worship along with him and relate to the truth of who God is in our lives.

Notation For “Psalm 23” Song

I read the words of King David in Psalm 23 and heard the truth of the Gospel of Christ and the Hope of his Salvation. King David, though he was a king, was a broken man before God. He was humble and understood that he needed the grace and mercy of God to save him. That is what inspired this song - Steven Kristopher
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