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Hearing God's Voice - Told By Anthony Nelson And The Overcomers On Not By Bread Alone Radio

Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers

The radio interview of Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers is ready for listening at your own leisure!

If you missed all the publicity we shared about the upcoming show and the actual show date, well wait know more because "We Got The Tape".

How He Can Hear God’s Voice

Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers
Our affiliate radio station at Not By Bread Alone Radio (#NBBARadio) interviewed Anthony Nelson who had no idea of what our radio host was going to discuss with him. Not By Bread Alone Radio’s goal is to challenge the listeners with practical biblical application using the bible combine with the experiences from artists being interviewed. It's a great tool for Christian recording artists to not only reveal their musical talent, but to also demonstrate what the word of God means to them.

In this particular radio show, Host Kingdom Taking and Anthony Nelson discussed "Hearing God's Voice". They discuss the real life situations where God has spoken to them personally. In addition, Anthony explained why it’s so imperative that we put ourselves in a position to hear God’s voice.

Now if you are like some, you will probably be talking out loud as you're listening to the show. You might even start answering the questions wishing you can put your little two cents in, (no joke) lol! Not By Bread Alone Radio has that engaging type of radio show that I'm sure many would have an answer for and can relate or agree to disagree.

The Musical Talent of Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers

Next, Kingdom Taking interviewed Anthony about how the Overcomer's came together. He found out how long and how much experience is in the group. You’ll be amazed and even a little tickled at the responses Kingdom Taking made. I’ll say this much, Anthony broke out laughing for a good while almost 45 seconds long lol (he really did)!

We also discovered things about Anthony’s past, how he got started in the music, what we can expect from Anthony Nelson & The Overcomer’s and much more.

Anthony Provided An Authentic Interview

Overall, this is a wonderful interview and very authentic. It's what fans like to hear from artists that are transparent and don’t mind exposing some of their truth. To learn more about Anthony Nelson & The Overcomer's, please visit the links below:

Playlist for the show:

- Born In Bethlehem by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomer's
- You Gotta Fight by Janique Graham
- Why by Kasper the Biblical Son feat. Ron Lyles
- Broken by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomer's
- Reign by Natman
- Marry Me by Young Decent
- We Are Overcomer's by Anthony Nelson & The Overcomer's
- Ghost by Jordan Rivers feat. Kaitlin Svetec
- Standing Here in Silence by Incoming Rush

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