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Christian Hip Hop Artist Admirable Actions Embraced A Younger Target Audience

Christian Hip Hop Artist "Th3 Young Spirit" Believes His Music Genre Needs To Focus On The Younger Population!

A few months ago Christian Hip Hop artist Th3 Young Spirit was asked by a friend to perform at a Boys and Girls Club block party called "Step Up and Speak Out". Typically anytime this friend asked Th3 Young Spirit to perform, he was always down to rap for the kingdom and spread the good news.

On this particular occasion while speaking with the representative from the Boys And Girls Club, Th3 Young Spirit was told that the audience "is going to be mostly kids ages 5 - 15". He thought to himself, awesome I can do that. So Th3 Young Spirit went through his playlist from "Not My Beats Vol. 1" and "Still Transforming" where there were mostly songs that reached an older audience, as most Christian Hip Hop songs do. While performing he seen that the kids were engaged and having fun, but he new that most of his lyrics went over their little heads.

It was then Th3 Young Spirit decided that these younger children need more positive music they can relate to, have fun with, and know that God is pretty cool to live for. It's obvious God placed a calling on Th3 Young Spirit to embrace the youth. His admirable instinct will reach a forgotten population of children at an early age. Th3 Young Spirit worked hard on his new album TruthForTh3Youth, with emphasis of targeting a population starting at two years and up.

About Th3 Young Spirit

Given the birth name of Kevin McElwee, he  was born 1990 in Fort Smith, Ar. and raised in New Orleans, LA. Kevin grew up in a church where he fell in love with music at the age of 13. When he started writing songs, his passion grew bigger throughout his youth. At the age of 16 Kevin started to record, mix and master music using Adobe Audition. He produced his own beats using FL Studios. At 17 Kevin was so fond of music that he tried joining a Christian rap group through a local church with no prevail. Still, Th3 Young Spirit made a bold declaration that he would continue to pursue Christian music and devote every song for the glory of God.

From 2011-2014 Th3 Young Spirit dropped songs after songs creating a pretty good online buzz. He gained new friends and followers who were not ashamed to speak about the Gospel of Jesus Christ as he did.

January 2015 he dropped his 1st mixtape "Not My Beats Vol.1" and have plans for releasing Vol 2 in the near future. He still performs at the Boys and Girls Club which has a population that could use many more Christian Rappers.

New Project Available In Stores 

Th3 Young Spirit's new album TRUTHFORTH3YOUTH is in stores at Itunes, Amazon, Googleplay, and other locations. At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we commend artists such as Th3 Young Spirit who puts God over money. Th3 Young Spirit has a great future inspiring the young! 

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