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DeMo Dennard - A Gospel Artist Mixing The Traditional With The Trendy!

DeMo, an artist-to-watch integrates Gospel music with neo soul vocals and a style from Miami and the West Coast.

About The Artist
DeVon Eric Dennard otherwise known as DeMo was brought up in Detroit Michigan, home of Motown. As a newborn child he developed hearing troubles that would later result in a major surgical operation. He is the son of Eric and Jannet Dennard, artists and actors of the groups "The Motif" and "Peddy Players". He is additionally the nephew of Quentin Wayne Dennard one of the drummers for "The Temptations" and the "Supremes". As should be obvious, DeVon was conceived in a musical environment. Eventually, as he got older his mother relocated to Miami due to his ear problem. Relocating to a different surrounding permitted DeVon to develop into his southern appeal that ingested R&B and Hip-Hop music.

In his secondary school years DeVon and his friend DJ Suga Ray formed a rap group called RSE Raw Soulz Est. They opened up for major recording artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious BIG and Outkast. In the wake of graduating secondary school the two went their separate ways and DeVon moved to Los Angeles. Living in Long Beach he picked up a west coast vibe to add to his style. With 3 distinctive urban communities, styles and approach “DeMo” was born. DeMo began to present his recordings with diverse rhythms! He is known as the lyricist from Detroit who integrates a down south Miami style, west coast swag with neo soul vocals.
DeMo have an anointing to sing, rap and produce music. He has worked with people such as his cousin Quentin Dennard, Cudda Brown, Jimmy (Awon) and Silk just to name a few. Major recording artists such as Anita Baker, Lionel Richie, The Temptations, A Tribe called Quest, Busta Rhymes, Mos Def, Mint Condition, Earth Wind and Fire, George Clinton, Erykah Badu and Bebe & CeCe Winans inspired DeMo to develop into the artist he is today.

Sadly, in the year 2014 DeMo lost his hearing totally. However, a surgical operation with God in the forefront saved one of DeMo’s ears. This was the pivotal time of his life that he decided to worship the Lord Jesus Christ by singing and producing nothing but Gospel music. DeMo believes he owe it all to God that he have the capability to glorify Him through songs! Let's hear and see what DeMo have to offer the Kingdom of God and the fans of Gospel music.

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