Christmas Forgiveness - Music About Reconciliation During The Holidays

Christmas Forgiveness
The Lord gave Robby Bracken a dream one Sunday in which he heard the choir of his congregation singing a delightful tune. Everybody in the dream truly loved the song and delighted in the sound of it. He thought this wasn't something he ordinarily does. At that point he heard God say, "You can do this." He said, "Do what?”

Before he heard anything else he woke up. So Robby immediately wrote what he heard the choir sing. He then composed and created the song and called it "Christmas Forgiveness". The song was given to his congregation, St. Mark United Methodist in Taylors, SC. as a gift.

Any proceeds received for the song will be used for St. Mark United Methodist’s missions fund. Robby believes Christmas should be about the birth of Christ and people getting together for the occasion. Be that as it may, it once in a while brings pity and dissatisfaction. This tune Christmas Forgiveness portrays affirmation of wrongdoing and the request of forgiveness. Since Jesus can forgive us for all we've done wrong, shouldn't we without a doubt forgive one another?

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