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Christian Radio Interview With Special Guest Artist “Rainbow Israel”

“The Authority and Deliverance Principle” is the last show of the 8-week series examined on "Not By Bread Alone Radio". 

Special guest "Rainbow Israel" joined Radio Host "Pascaso" to discuss Government and Church Authority from a Christian point of view.

To start the discourse they exchange thoughts in reference to Romans 13:1-14. To outline the verses, Christians are to follow the laws of the land as depicted accordingly. We are additionally committed to pay our taxes so that the individuals who work for the government can be paid for their services. Leaders in the Church are seen as servants and are given authority as portrayed in bible verses such as, Genesis 9:1-3; Isaiah 9:7; Luke 7:2-10; 1 Corr 14:37-40; 1 peter 2:11-25.

Pacaso in like manner pose the question, is there a stage set up by our government? Do you feel that there is a smoke screen? Rainbow trusts Christians ought to utilize the Middle East as a sign for the world's stages. For unbelievers the smoke screen is the absence of knowing biblical prophesies.

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In the second segment of the show Pacaso get some foundation data on who is "Rainbow Israel". We discover that Rainbow is currently 22 years clean from drug dependence. Additionally, "Mercy of God" is the meaning of his name “Rainbow Israel”. "Rainbow" takes after the covenant God made with Noah to end the floods. "Israel" relates to Genesis 35:10 and it reads: “God said to him, Your name is Jacob, but you will no longer be called Jacob; your name will be Israel." So he named him Israel”.

When asked how can Christians share the Gospel, Rainbow trusts that our gift and talent would be a start. He is currently doing just that with his project “Grind Til Eternit”. Jesus said, "Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear." Mark 4:9

Over all, NBBAR facilitated an astonishing series! Incorporating practical biblical principles with artist’s interviews is exceptionally captivating and instructive. It was an honor to report and distribute my discoveries on the work well done! Kudos to “Pacaso” and “Kingdom Taking”, two phenomenal radio broadcast hosts!

The Final Playlist For The Series:

- The Devil Thought He Had Me by Rainbow Israel
- Lord I’m Crying by Spiritual Peace
- Ghost by Jordan Rivers feat. Kaitlin Svetec
- Murda Game by Rainbow Israel feat. A Slew of Artists
- Keep Stepping by Chris Berry & Rezzy Knight
- No Mistakes by Rich Righteous
- Be Ready by Rainbow Israel
- Remember Me by Rapture Raps
- Just Like a Shooting Star by El Mafrex

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