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Tune-in To "The Principle of Grace" Discussed On Christian Talk Radio - Not By Bread Alone

The Principle of Grace

When you hear the word grace what do you think about? 

For me, I can probably write a dissertation on the word alone. I would talk about how I escaped the wrath of death on more than one occasion. I can discuss how I ought to have been sent to prison for carrying out the most moronic wrongdoing of my life. I could be on skid row begging for food and shelter. I can discuss how my family could have cast me away and disowned me, and so on. But because of God's grace I was saved from getting what I unquestionably merited.

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About the Radio Show Discussion

In this episode of Not By Bread Alone Radio, our partners and radio hosts Pacaso and Kingdom Taking examine "The Principle of Grace". It's a subject that everybody on earth ought to have the capacity to identify with. However in the event that you can't, this would be an extraordinary open door invitation for you to meet my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. You see Jesus Christ died so that you and I could have eternal life (John 3:16)!

This was another phenomenal demonstration my two brothers in Christ set up together and hit the nail on the head no doubt! What can I say? These two men are not only conveying extraordinary teaching, but they are presenting the subjects in a way that’s very valuable to their targeted audience. They helped listeners first comprehend the significance of grace as characterized in the English dictionary. Then, they differentiate the significance of grace with their own perspective, however as indicated by the Holy Bible. These gentlemen never do anything without utilizing the Bible as their reference. That's because they lean not on their own understanding and trust in the LORD with all their heart (Proverbs 3:5-6)! Obviously they couldn't discuss grace without discussing mercy also. So, you will hear how mercy and grace work as an inseparable unit.

Listen to how humankind mishandles God's Grace. Pacaso and Kingdom Taking pose the question if this is basic practice in the congregation. Likewise, they talk about the subject “Are Christians self-designated priests?” The subject is broken up in two parts, as artists and as individuals. I think you'll be exceedingly astounded where this point winds up going.

A Radio Show That Challenges Our Thinking With Scriptures

My hat goes off to these colleagues on a job well done! It’s not your typical radio broadcast at Not By Bread Alone Radio. Each time my staff send me the show for review I’m at owe to what I hear. Their shows are never the same and the immediate effects I get from their affirmations are amazing.

Last but not least, the show playlist:

- Wild West by Jupiter 7 feat. OD of Lyrical Opposition
- Let’s Go by Rapture Raps & Enon feat. Kingdom Redemption
- With Me by Nehemiah feat. Mercadize
- Tomorrow Isn’t Promised by Michael Haze
- Breathe Easy by KidGotIt
- The Anthem by Emelda
- Gotta Keep Going by Solid Edge
- Need the Light by Gold
- Burn to Ashes by A.P. Light

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